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Bobby Ryan attends Eastern Region May Camp in Mammoth

Killington Mountain School senior, and Eastern Regional Training Group member Bobby Ryan, just returned from a camp in he was invited to out at Mammoth. In addition to Bobby, KMS athletes Izzy Jenne, Ava Mattsson, Tanner Graves and Caroline Roy were invited to attend. Bobby and Caroline made the trip out west, where Bobby attended the U19/21 camp and Caroline the U16.

Bobby commented on his experience at Mammoth, "It was great training for me, like glaciers in the summer with freeze thaw conditions. It was five hours of skiing every day, starting off with free skiing and progressing in drill courses and gate training and flight school. I'm very thankful for the opportunity to attend."

KMS Alpine Program Director Tom Sell commented that attending the camp was an honor and very valuable, in that the training done there helps with "reinforcing and teaching fundamentals of turn transitions, jump technique and terrain management in GS and SG radius turns."

Bobby shared some photos from the trip--not a bad view!




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