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Electing a voice for student-athletes

Wednesday marked the second annual Student Council Presidential debate and election, in what should be the foundation of an important KMS tradition for years to come. Seniors Mazie Hayden and John Bianchi were the two candidates, both of whom are active and engaged members of the school community: Mazie created the flourishing Women's Initiative group last year, and John formed a Peer Support Group aimed at creating open communication and a safe place for kids to reach out with concerns or fears. The two squared off in what was a friendly yet serious debate in front of the entire school. The debate was skillfully moderated by 10th grade student Cameron Washburn, who asked well-prepared and thoughtful questions, some of which the candidates knew ahead of time, and some of which were a surprise to them, giving both an opportunity to think on their toes.

After Cam's questions the floor was open to the student body, many of whom asked both candidates about what their focus would be as Student Council President, what their past leadership experience was like, what made them uniquely prepared for the position, and how they felt they could relate to the wide variety of student-athletes enrolled at KMS. Head of School Tao Smith rounded out the discussion with a great question that focused on not what made the two candidates different from one another, but rather, what bound them and the entire community, asking both to reflect about their shared KMS experience and illuminate the most special and valuable aspects of it.

Voting opened immediately following the debate, with the students all weighing in on the candidate of their choice via Google Form. Voting was open until midnight, and in the end, students selected Mazie to represent them in the role of President, with John stepping into the role of Vice President. It will be a true benefit to have both serve in leadership roles on the Student Council, as they bring a variety of important perspectives to the table and have promised to give voice to the needs of their peers.

Congratulations to two worthy and outstanding leaders!




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