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Making a difference

As Killington Mountain School student Honor Brogden sat in her Spanish class and listened to her instructor explain the damage and devastation that Puerto Rico faced as a result of recent natural disasters, she felt compelled to do something.

The idea of a bake sale was appealing, and Honor realized that Columbus Day Weekend was the perfect time to hold a sale and the Killington Ski/Bike Swap was the perfect location to host it.

Honor researched the best spot to direct the proceeds, and determined that an organization called Somos una Voz was the best option in terms of getting aid to those who need it in a direct and fast way. She explained, "This organization was created by Marc Anthony and Jenifer Lopez. After research we determined that this organization gets the relief that people need to those who need it very fast. This group is working alongside other foundations and putting all of the money directly where it needs to go."

Multiple student volunteers helped Honor make flyers to advertise the sale, worked with her at the table on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and many community members donated baked goods, coffee, apple cider (thanks to Mendon Orchards), and even maple syrup produced by tapping trees right on KMS property.

In the end, over $1,000 was raised and will be sent this week to Somos una Voz. Honor commented, "I've been interested lately in making a change. I feel so fortunate. I haven't had to face such terrible disasters. These things are completely out of people’s control, and so I was just inspired to help them."

The students felt the power of making a difference, and decided that they would make the bake sale on Columbus Day Weekend an annual tradition each year at the Ski/Bike Swap, and that they'd choose an appropriate cause where they'll direct the proceeds. Nice work to everyone who made this happen!




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