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The much-anticipated return of Keith Wilford

The KMS Community welcomed back beloved guest Keith Wilford this week, who returned to campus as a part of his ongoing work with students, teachers, coaches and staff. He spent time with students during gym workouts, meeting with them one-on-one, and even doing things like shooting hoops with them out front. Keith spent time on Wednesday meeting with coaches, facilitating a discussion about high-level athletics and the importance of defining oneself by what kind of person he/she is vs. their external success and accomplishments. When one considers a student body comprised of highly-driven athletes focused on being "the best", Keith reminded those at the helm of directing their journey, to be certain to help those students be good people and understand who they are as people beyond their identity top athletes. Keith then met with students and led them in a similar discussion, challenging them to be mindful of their self-definition and of being true to themselves. He made the point that their respective sports is what they've chosen to do but isn't who they are, per se. Keith showed a video that documented the challenges Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps faced in his life and the impact of those on him, those around him who supported him, and on his career. The message was clear: until you understand who you really are, and what you value, and what type of person you can be, only then can you really achieve greatness. The person you are within must mirror the image you project to the outside world.

Keith's thought-provoking discussions serve to make a busy place full of high-achieving, busy folks pause, take check and reconnect with one another. The entire community is incredibly thankful for the ongoing work Keith is doing with the school, and looks forward to the rest of his visit, along with his return to campus throughout the year.




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