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Student of the Week - Felix Estes

Congratulations to Felix Estes who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Felix is a tenth grade Freeski athlete who comes to KMS from Lyme, NH. He was nominated for this award by history teacher Ben Van Put who shared the following, "All year, Felix has exhibited a strong work ethic both on and off the mountain. He has never once handed in an assignment late or handed in 'rushed' work. In fact, he typically hands it in well before the due date and gets high marks every time. He’s attentive in class and asks questions that go beyond the surface of the material. On the mountain, Felix shreds super hard and has been coming up big in competitions. It’s clear that his work ethic in school translates to the mountain. He is passionate about his sport, and I'd be lying if I said we didn’t do a run down of the parks before class each day." Ben continued, "In the dorm, Felix is one of the students whom we know will have no objection when asked to help do something, namely dishes, which is hard to find. Also, while he does share a room, I find it to be a crazy coincidence that his room passes every week with flying colors for room checks. He is a positive influence to all of the students, and I hope he continues to work and compete at the level he has been."

English teacher Alex Daniels agreed with the nomination, commenting, "Felix is a great student in my class as well. Definitely one of the best!" French teacher Antonio Baker-Médard added, "I would nominate him every week if I could. He is a great student, and he always does his work with care. Felix is very smart and very humble too, which I like the most about him."

Math teacher Kimberly Benjamin felt strongly that Felix was a great candidate too, sharing, "Felix is in my Algebra 2 group. He not only excels at the subject matter, he also emerges as a humble leader, which is a beautiful combination. He shares class notes with fellow classmates who are traveling or ill. He also offered a quick in-class demonstration on a Google Classroom skill that needed elucidating--excellent demonstrations of teamwork! He also actively participates in the classroom without needing to be called upon. Felix is a great guy--one who prioritizes team work and demonstrates humble leadership--a fellow skier who we should all be psyched to have on our team, both on the hill and in the classroom!"

Science teacher Kathy Stahle agreed, sharing, "I would also like to say that I agree that Felix is a great student, respectful, humble, kind and has a good sense of humor. I have him again as a student (for the second year now) and have found him to be one who prides himself in getting his work completed on time and in top order. Felix has the ability to ask good questions and provide thoughtful discussions to go along with his strong study skills. He is also helpful to fellow classmates and has a nice calming manner that seems to surround him. He shows good skill in working independently as well as working in a team setting along with the ability to be a leader. Felix is a great student to have as a part of our school as well as showing the ability to be a great member of the community. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to work with him at KMS."

Congratulations, Felix! Well done!




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