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Student of the Week - Megan Bianchi

Congratulations to Megan Bianchi who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Megan is a seventh grade Alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Hingham, MA. She was nominated for this award by humanities instructor Alex Daniels for her strong work ethic, academic talent, and overall demeanor. Alex shared, "Megan Bianchi consistently models the behavior we value in our Black Bears. She has never been heard to make a mean comment, is a great teammate, competes and places at a high level, and she does everything she can to further herself academically, even going as far as asking for extra assignments. She loves to write analytically, and is currently working on the advanced novel Great Expectations, and has written a number of extra creative assignments for my class. We often schedule extra class time, on average, well more than an hour each week. Hearing that her friend was working on a research paper focusing on the heroin epidemic, she asked to help Shelby with her research and then write a paper of her own. She is very motivated and is an exemplary student."

Humanities teacher Ben Van Put agreed, adding, "Megan works very hard and always contributes very strong work. She is always happy and excited to learn, and one of the best writers I’ve seen." Science teacher Sally Roberts read all the nominations and stated, "I agree with all of this! Megan is a great student with a very inquisitive mind and a positive attitude. She is a pleasure to work with and have in class."

Congratulations, Megan on a job very well done!




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