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Student of the Week - Tanner Schultz

Congratulations to Tanner Schultz who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Tanner is an 12th grade Alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Ivoryton, CT. Tanner was nominated for this award by humanities instructor Ian Groezinger, along with several of his other teachers.

Ian shared, "I would like to nominate Tanner Schultz for Student of the Week. All year Tanner has strived for a level of excellence that far exceeds the expectations put on most seniors. He constantly shows up on time, ready to work, and eager to participate in (but more so drive) class discussions in my WWI-WWII elective. He shows an enthusiasm and interest in the subject matter that makes it clear that he wants to be in class and wants to learn as much as possible. Last week he wrote a five page essay on the most significant factors that led to WWI, and it blew me away. His thoughts were clear, concise, and to the point. He introduced and used quotes and connections to outside materials effectively. More importantly however, he provided a thorough understanding of the time period and came full circle on all his arguments. I feel confident in saying that it was one of the most well written, and best argued papers I have read in my time as a teacher."

World Languages Department co-chair Robert Cavanna agreed with Tanner's nomination. Robert commented, "I'd like to second the nomination of Tanner Schultz for Student of the Week. I don't currently teach Tanner in any of my courses but the Tanner Ian describes is the student I knew in my Images of Food course. He drove the conversation throughout the year with his insightful observations & his critical assessments of the subject matter. Furthermore, he's an exceptional role model to his peers. I recently overheard Tanner supporting one of his classmates who was struggling through the disappointment of having received a poor grade. He comforted this student by explaining that, although the grade received might not be ideal, it doesn't define the person. He explained that life goes on just the same after a bad grade and/or a disappointment. Overhearing this filled me with pride knowing that this was the epitome of the quintessential KMS student uniquely prepared for life beyond KMS."

Art teacher Eric Kuntz added, "Tanner has been outstanding in Studio Art. He has shown incredible growth, taking on more challenges artistically this year from last year. He has taking his passion of old cars & surfing and combined them into a well-designed pen & ink drawing, which is very challenging, with multiple levels of detailed layers. His understanding of the material from learning about foreground and background and different perspectives has give this new piece a unique look. Tanner shows up to class, on time and ready to work. Tanner enjoys designing with his hands and enjoys thinking outside the box, and using his creative mind."

Social Studies Department Chair Courtney O'Keefe also nominated Tanner, stating, "I would also like to nominate Tanner Schultz for Student of the Week this week. Much like Robert, I also do not personally teach Tanner this year. However, I did last year and I can say that I am not surprised at the nominations he has received from his teachers this week. Tanner is a dedicated young academic, who works hard on every assignment with a motivation and sense of purpose which rivals many his age. His work quality is always strong and polished, showcasing him as a student who sees the value in putting in 110% with regards to all his final products, which represent the best of who he is as both a person and student. He is a kind and respectful young man who is a quiet leader in both the classroom and the overall KMS community. He is also a role model to our younger athletes. He has and continues to impress both his past and current teachers. As a fellow Social Studies teacher, I cannot describe enough how impressed Ian has been with regards to Tanner and his work in Ian's elective this year. Every conversation about this elective begins with a small conversation about how Tanner is doing, which always showcases Ian's pride in this young man and his accomplishments. It is apparent to our Department that Tanner is one such student we can proudly say demonstrates the characteristics and qualities associated with the ideal Social Studies student. Congrats Tanner! This is well earned and something of which you should be proud!

Academic Dean Amy Allen shared her observations about Tanner from her recent week in Hintertux with Tanner and his Alpine peers, where she coordinated study hall for the group. "This is an excellent nomination. Tanner was a steady, dependable worker every day in Hintertux. His soft spoken and affable nature make him a pleasure to be around. He’s a quiet leader, appreciative of the opportunities given to him by virtue of attending KMS, supportive of his peers academically and personally, and delivers consistent hard work across the board."

Congratulations, Tanner on a job well done!




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