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Student of the Week - Kaylie Porter

Congratulations to Kaylie Porter, who was named Student of the Week this Wednesday. Kaylie is an eighth grade Alpine athlete who comes to KMS from East Providence, RI. She was nominated for this award by science instructor Lindsey Pekurny, along with several other KMS faculty members.

Lindsey shared, "I'd love to nominate Kaylie Porter for Student of the Week. She is proving to be incredibly intelligent, driven, and faces obstacles with great tenacity. She has chosen to make a polygraph machine for her Science Fair project, knowing it will be a very difficult project. She is well prepared, has done a TON of independent research on the topic, and is fully prepared to put in all of the required extra work. She's very patient with me; she has been teaching me all about the mechanics behind building a polygraph machine."

Lindsey continued, "Even more importantly, Kaylie is proving to be the definition of integrity. She holds not only herself, but fellow students, to a high moral code. I have witnessed her confronting other students who are being disrespectful or failing to meet KMS's morality standards. She is a fierce friend and is not afraid to stand up for her friends. I think it takes great bravery to stand-up to peers, and I have witnessed Kaylie do just this this past week. She requires greatness from not just herself, but others as well. Kaylie is also incredibly grateful and humble. She is always thanking me for even the simplest things (like being organized for class!). She really understands that being at KMS is a privilege and does not take this privilege for granted."

English teacher Alex Daniels agreed with the nomination, "I second the nomination for Kaylie Porter. She is hard working, intelligent, and very proactive, making sure that she is on-top of her home-school work. She is a pleasure to have in class." Social Studies instructor Emily Hudson added her nomination for Kaylie, "I also second Kaylie's nomination. She has been very pleasant to have in class and works very hard. She was willing to complete a test for her sending school on her second day at KMS despite everything else she encountered last week."

Academic support tutor Donna Reck added her thoughts, "I do not have Kaylie for an academic class, however I have observed her during free time helping her peers, both with academic and social advice. She treats others with kindness and respect."

Self-Actualization instructor Anna Terry supported the nomination: "Kaylie has been excellent in everything we have done together. She takes feedback, practices what she learns, smiles through it all, is respectful at all times, and works extremely well with her classmates/teammates. She has my vote!"

Congratulations Kaylie on a job very well done!




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