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Student of the Week - Richie Underwood

Congratulations to Richie Underwood, who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Richie is a 6th grade Alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Chatham, NJ. He was nominated for this award by several of his teachers due to his proactive communication, strong work ethic, and overall enthusiasm.

English teacher Emily Parsons shared, "Richie has consistently had really great enthusiasm and an awesome attitude since his first day here! In English, he makes comments and asks questions about the novel we are reading that show that he's really thinking about the story and not just reading it on a superficial level. He has these 'ah-ha' moments about symbolism and parts of the story connecting to other parts that are beyond his years!"

Academic Director April Hayden added, "Richie is my advisee. He is an excellent communicator; he's always proactive, checks in and plans ahead. It is hard to believe that he is only in 6th grade!"

Science teacher Adam Boshart gave his thoughts as well, "I'll also chime in for Richie. He shot me a message on Hangouts really early this morning to ask if he could come in before our class and do an EXTRA poster project. I'm impressed with his ambition!"

Study hall facilitator and tutor Donna Reck commented, "Richie uses his time well in study hall. He is on time and is keeping up with his work independently. He is polite and respectful."

Art teacher Eric Kuntz rounded out the nominations, "Richie is awesome! He comes to class super excited and loves to be creative! He even comes in to work on projects in his free time. Richie loves art."

Congratulations, Richie on a job well done! The transition from a sending school to another school mid-year isn't always easy, especially for a younger student, and your maturity, organization, and initiative is reflected in the skill with which you have executed during your time at KMS.




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