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Student of the Week - Jillian Phelan

Congratulations to Jillian Phelan who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Jillian is a seventh grade alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Hartford, CT. She was nominated for this award by math/science faculty member Adam Boshart.

Adam shared, "I'd be happy to nominate Jillian Phelan. She goes out of her way to be overly prepared for each and every class period. Her work is always top notch and turned in early if possible. She is always two steps ahead in figuring out what we should be learning next and is quick to make connections between current and future concepts. When she gets ahead, she helps the rest of the class get ahead too! Not only does she do this, but she somehow passes her enthusiasm for the class onto her peers! In her spare time, she creates Kahoots, study guides, etc and shares them with the other students in the class. It's always a pleasure to have her in my class!"

Language instructor Malena Agin added, "I will second the nomination for Jillian! In Spanish Jillian is inquisitive, thorough, and super fun to work with!"

Art instructor Eric Kuntz agreed, "I nominate Jillian too! She is in the Art room more than almost any other student. She is super helpful, and cleans up after herself and others. She loves to be creative and is not scared to try new things and take chances."

English teacher Alex Daniels concurred, "Jillian Phelan is a consistent pleasure to have in class. She is inquisitive, kind, present, and always ready to push herself. Jillian is a student whom I consider to be in two classes simultaneously. By this I mean that she completes all the work from her sending school while also completing additional reading and writing assignments. My day is always made brighter by Jillian, not just because of her attitude as a student, but because of her attitude as a human being. She's about halfway through growing into a powerful woman."

Social Studies Department Chair Courtney O'Keefe rounded out the nominations, "Although I do not have Jillian as a student, I have had the pleasure of conversing with this young lady a few times this year in-between classes as well as during an advisory or two. In my conversations with her she has showed herself to be a highly respectful, articulate, and passionate young academic. She cares deeply about how she is doing in her classes, often times seeking out her teachers to talk about her progress, and it is apparent that she is grateful for the opportunities (both athletic and academic) she is receiving while here at KMS. I have had the opportunity to also witness her in class; she is a strong participator, class leader during discussions, is never afraid to try when she is uncertain, and is always up for any challenge. I can say that she is definitely one winter-term student that I wish was on my schedule this year to teach! She represents the KMS Student of the Week well. Way to go, Jillian!"

Congratulations, Jillian! Way to go!




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