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Faculty of the Month - Brendan Bucksbaum

Congratulations, to Brendan Bucksbaum, who was voted Faculty of the Month by the entire student body. Brendan is a hard-working member of the faculty, serving as an Alpine coach, a math and science teacher, and a member of the dorm staff. Student-athlete Caroline Roy delivered the nomination for Brendan at Wednesday's all-school meeting.

Caroline shared, "This month's Faculty of the Month is Brendan Bucksbaum. I have Brendan for class and also as an advisor. He has always been super supportive and is always there with anything that I need or that my classmates need. Brendan puts a lot of time and effort into his classes to make sure that they are entertaining, doing things like taking us to play basketball or having us make interesting documentaries for our final projects. He knows how to make us laugh, and also how to motivate us to be the best student-athletes we can be. Additionally, Brendan goes above and beyond, doing things like taking us to Liquid Art or sitting in the gym with us so we can finish our workouts with adult supervision. All these little things go a long way. Thanks again Brendan!"

Congratulations, Brendan!




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