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Isaac Spafford - 12/4 Academic Standout

Academic Standout Recognition- Isaac Spafford

Presented December 4th

The KMS teaching faculty is proud to present Isaac Spafford with the Academic Standout Recognition for the week of December 4th. Isaac is an 8th grade Full-Term Freeski athlete, who joins us from Clarendon Vermont. Isaac received strong nominations from numerous teachers, which acknowledged his hard work and dedication to his studies, his participation in class discussions, his ability to ask great thought-provoking questions, and his willingness to challenge himself academically each and every class period. All of Isaac’s teachers agree that this young man has demonstrated the best of the KMS academic program.

Social Studies Co-Chair and Full-Term Middle School Humanities teacher Ian Groezinger began the nomination chain for Isaac. Ian’s nomination articulated, “All year long Isaac has been turning in high quality work. He constantly drives class discussion by asking thought provoking questions that truly cover the entire spectrum of the political landscape. Since the start of the year, I have been raising the bar for Isaac, finding new ways to challenge him (particularly with vocabulary by constantly adding words to the original lists). His work ethic and determination to succeed is unmatched. It has been a pleasure watching Issaac's exponential academic growth in the last 8 months.”

World Languages Co-Chair and Social Studies teacher Robert Cavanna seconded this nomination. Rob commented, “Issac has been exceptional this year with regard to his work ethic, enthusiasm, & overall attitude toward learning a new language. He is a pleasure to have in class and his inquisitive nature allows us to explore topics in such a meaningful way, that it not only enhances Issac's understanding of Italian language and culture but culture as a whole. He fully deserves this recognition for his meritorious conduct to date!”

Isaac’s Academic Advisor and Science teacher Richard Morse also put forth a nomination. Richard wrote, “In Survival Class, Isaac seeks a thorough understanding of all information and when faced with a question he uses facts combined with common sense.”

For his work in Video Production, Art teacher Eric Kuntz and Video Production and Snowboard Coach Ryan Sihler stated, “Isaac has been super motivated and optimistic with his work in Video Production. While he has had struggles with some of the material itself, he is constantly working on skills and tactics to stay up to date and productive with the class. We can tell that he is clearly interested and wants to progress in video production with good intent to problem solve!”

A well-deserved recognition this week! Way to go, Isaac! We are all very proud of your hard work and dedication!




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