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Sydney Grogean - 2/24 Academic Standout

Academic Standout- Sydney Grogean

Presentation: February 24th, 2020

The KMS teaching faculty is excited to present the Academic Standout for the week of February 24th: Sydney Grogean. Sydney is a Winter-Term Freestyle athlete, which comes to us from Woodbury Connecticut. Sydney was enthusiastically nominated by several of her teachers, each of which both recognize and appreciate her dedication to her studies, her kind and helpful personality, and her exceptionally strong sense of academic integrity.

Social Studies Department Co-Chair and Middle School Humanities teacher Ian Groezinger was the first to put forth a nomination for Sydney. Ian states, “I would like to nominate Sydney Grogean for Academic Standout for this week. As a student in my Middle School English and History classes, Sydney has continuously shown herself to a dedicated, punctual, and well-organized student. She constantly contributes to all class discussions, and is both quick and happy to help others. She always maintains eye contact when receiving instructions and processing answers, showcasing her motivation to learn, her investment of the subjects being studied in class, and her overall respect for both the course and its instructor. She is always confident and ready to challenge herself. For example, before I even assigned her a book to read in addition to class she chose one of the thickest ones on my shelf, and readily tackled the book and its corresponding assignments head on. She has consistently demonstrated an exceptionally strong sense of academic integrity, especially when traveling. Overall, Sydney is personable, appreciative, and kind. And, most importantly, she is the embodiment of RILER on a daily basis.”

Middle School Math and Science teacher Richard Morse seconded Sydney’s nomination. He comments, “When asked to look at her strengths I can't help but reflect over the last few years of working with Sydney. Sydney is very personable. She always looks you right in the eye when she asks a question and intently processes your answer. She is very organized with her work and likes keeping a well-laid out notebook. She is a confident student that is not afraid to try anything difficult. Sydney always helps out and looks out for anyone who needs help or just needs a friend’s support. And for some reason Sydney three years ago decided that my profile picture should be a bunny. Hence, it remains as such.”

KMS Nutritionist and Strength and Conditioning teacher/coach Jill Blondek also offered her own nomination for Sydney. She reflects, “I have not had Sydney present in my nutrition class on a regular basis due to traveling, but she has kept up on assignments and made me aware of her absences in a timely manner. I have enjoyed working with her as a BOOST student in my training class, finding her always ready to work as well as being supportive of her teammates. She has matured as a young athlete and academic student very well.”

An exceptional student this week for Academic Standout! Congratulations, Sydney! You have made all of us proud!




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