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COVID-19 KMS Update: Academic Update

Dear Teachers, Parents, and Students - In many ways, the current situation has brought us closer together. In one short week, we have shifted our mode of operation:

  • Used hangouts and meet to remain in constant contact

  • Held virtual all-school meetings

  • Shared online tips and resources

  • Partnered to innovate Classrooms and methods

  • Created new tools for teaching and learning

  • Responded to individual student needs

We are, however, still finding balance in this new normal. What is the ideal blend of individual assignments and facetime? How does one teach content and skills in a virtual setting? Should we address “the elephant in the room?” By remaining active and engaged with one another, I am certain that we will find our stride. One thing is for certain, flexibility and personalization remain the hallmarks of a KMS experience. Our teachers are up for the challenge and excited for the ways in which education is changing for the better. As always, please reach out to me or Emily with any feedback, questions, or concerns. Take care, April

April Hayden

Director of Academics




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