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Jason Sullivan- Academic Standout 10/5

Academic Standout for October 5th, 2020

The KMS teaching faculty is proud to present Jason Sullivan as the Academic Standout for the week of October 5th! Jason is a 9th grade cycling athlete, who comes to us from New York. Jason was enthusiastically nominated by several of his teachers, each recognizing his amazing daily contributions to their lessons and discussions, as well as his strong work ethic and dedication towards helping his peers. Overall, we are excited to begin another year at KMS with an exceptional shoutout for such an amazing student!

English Department Co-Chair Nate Clifford was the first to put forth a nomination. Nate states, “It is always difficult to shine a spotlight within the first few weeks of school as we are getting to know each other. If what I've seen from Jason Sullivan remains consistent, however, it is also difficult not to recognize exceptional studentship. Jason has already made a space for himself in the ELA freshman class, not only as a great contributor with many personal insights and provoking connections but also as a great listener. His voice, while assertive, is carefully supportive during class discussions, often building off of others' ideas, expanding on the topic or asking investigative questions. To my delight, this habit has translated to his writing, where he often goes above and beyond by interviewing, citing and connecting research with personal experience.

For one of his recent assignments, for instance, he polled his friends about the death of Trayvon Martin, in order to get a sense of the impact within his generation. His included quotes help inform a reader not only about the contextual culture we work and live in, but also the more personal one that we return home to at the end of the day. His research shows a breadth and depth uncommon for writers of any age, and a gravitas for investigation that exceeds his age.”

Social Studies Department Co-Chair and Middle School Humanities teacher Ian Groezinger seconded Jason’s nomination. Ian comments, “Jason has been nothing short of impressive since the start of the school year. He came to KMS this year enthused and ready to learn. In the short time we have been back, Jason has actively and effectively participated in class discussions, helping to pull his classmates into the conversation. In fact, he has shown the drive and dedication of an honors student, and has since been added to that section of the class.”

Full-Term Math and Science Teacher Adam Boshart also supported Jason’s nomination. Adam reflects, “Jason made himself an immediate asset to our Earth Science and Lab Methods classes. His curiosity, his creativity, and his enthusiasm have been all essential to class discussion. Keep up the great work, and keep asking questions, Jason!”

Student Life Coordinator and Studio Art/Graphic Design/Photography teacher Eric Kuntz rounds out this impressive list of nominations with his own. Eric writes, “Jason is a great addition to the KMS student body. He comes to Intro to Videography each day, looking to learn and how to make movies and edit digital films. Asking great questions, and insights to the daily discussion; Jason is always polite and friendly to all his fellow classmates. A pleasure to have in class, and always on-time with his work.”

An impressive way to start a brand new year! Way to go, Jason! We are very proud of you!




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