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Tucker Schultz- Academic Standout 10/19

It is with great pleasure that the KMS teaching faculty recognizes Tucker Schultz as this week’s Academic Standout! Tucker is an 11th grade U19/U21 Alpine athlete, who comes to KMS from Connecticut. Tucker received strong nominations from several of his teachers, each praising the valuable, insightful, and thoughtful contributions Tucker brings to the classroom on a daily basis.

Full-Term Math and Science teacher Allison Resnick presented for Tucker during our all-school meeting this past Monday, enthusiastically sharing her thoughts on Tucker’s progress within her classroom. She states, “Tucker is a very strong student. He thrives in pre-calc and physics and has been crushing his tests. Not only is Tucker intelligent- he also cares about fully understanding the material. If there is something that he doesn't quite get, he asks thoughtful questions until it is completely clear. He is also always willing to help his fellow classmates when needed.”

English Department Co-Chair Nate Clifford offered his own nomination for Tucker. Nate writes, “Tucker's intellectual curiosity and verbal dexterity make him a stand-out in any discussion, but what comes to light when I think of him, is the quiet humility with which he engages others. I have been surprised in his writing as well as in his comments during some intense discussions with how he so naturally reflects on his own impulses. They say the wisest believer always doubts first, and if that is true; Tucker embodies a certain gravitas beyond his years. But though he easily carries his weight in wisdom, he also knows how to reach others. He is playful. He challenges others to rise to the occasion. Tucker is an excellent student, and despite his penchant for hiding behind an angelic demeanor, knows how to ignite an interest in others.”

World Language Department Co-Chair Robert Cavana also contributed to Tucker’s nomination for Academic Standout. Robert comments, “Tucker is an asset to have in the classroom. He consistently drives the conversation with his critical and insightful assessment of the subject matter. This posture is fundamental to stimulating classroom conversation amongst his peers and Tucker is a leader in this regard. Kudos to Tucker for this acknowledgement as it is well deserved.”

Student Life Coordinator and Studio Art/Graphic Design/Photography teacher Eric Kuntz also offered his own nomination for Tucker as well. Eric writes, “Tucker has hit the ground running in Intro to Videography class. Each week he comes to class excited to make his own edits. He has even taken his own time to start making edits from videos he has from last winter. He turns in all his work on-time or even ahead of time. He asks great questions, and is excited to be in class. Tucker is a pleasure to have in class, and I look forward to all his creative video creations.”

Rounding out this wonderful list of nominations is World Languages teacher and Global Citizen Program Coordinator Malena Agin. Malena reflects, “Tucker is doing awesome in French; he participates regularly, works diligently to complete tasks, and impresses me daily with his willingness to implement his language skills. Bon travail!”

Great work, Tucker! We hope that you are as proud of your hard work and dedication as we are! We are looking forward to what else you will be bringing to our classrooms and community as the year progresses!




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