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Academic Standout- Eli Kinsler

Academic Standout for June 3rd, 2021

Student Recognized: Eli Kinsler

Presented By: Adam Boshart

Written By: Courtney O’Keefe

The KMS teaching faculty is proud to recognize Eli Kinsler as this week’s Academic Standout! Eli is a full-term Downhill Mountain Bike and Snowboarding athlete, who comes to KMS from North Chittenden, VT. Eli was recognized by several of his teachers this week, all praising this young man’s strong work ethic, his kind and contributing presence in the classroom, and his overall strength of character. We are proud to name him Academic Standout this week, and consider ourselves lucky to have such a driven student within our classrooms!

Leading the nominations is Math and Science teacher Adam Boshart. Adam states, “Eli is a student who has undergone tremendous growth over the course of this school year. In September he was a new kid in a new school with new friends, new schedules, new routines, new expectations, etc. To many, this could be the most intimidating situation to imagine. To Eli, it was just another challenge to take head-on and prove to people how persistent he really is. Rather than becoming frustrated about his early-year struggles, he took the advice of his peers and faculty and ran with it. Since the winter break, Eli has been the first person to show up to my class most days, the first person to hand in his homework assignments and projects, and has been adamant about studying for and acing tests. On top of that, Eli is always adding to class discussion by constantly thinking about concepts, finding great ways to relate topics, and asking (mostly relevant) questions. Even his less relevant questions spark me to go out of my way to research topics that have now become interests of my own. In sum, Eli’s natural curiosities and response to constructive criticism have put him on the path to be a successful student for the next portion of his high bschool career.”

Seconding Eli’s nomination is Science Department Chair Brendan Bucksbaum. Brendan writes, “Over the course of the year, Eli has shown tremendous improvement academically. In Algebra, he began the year with uncertainty and wobbly foundations. As the year progressed, Eli began to show his personality and character. With this transformation we saw moments of excellence that became more regular as the year progressed. By the end of the year, Eli was calculating his own business figures and utilizing math skills. Although Eli claims that he dislikes math, he does have a bright future ahead. Great work Eli!”

Adding to the list of nominations is English Department Co-Chair Nate Clifford. Nate reflects, “ A gentleman who needs no introduction, largely, because his presence is so unfalteringly welcome. On any given day I have come to expect, if not rely, on the positive presence that Eli brings wherever he is. He is frequently early to class (a move most avoid like the plague) and never fails to both inquire as to the welfare of others, but also to bring his best self. Eli has a radiant magnetism. He exudes humility, grace and kindness. I have learned that even on the days that are most challenging, Eli will make them better - not simply for himself, or for others, but because it is innately who he is. There's something elegant in his kindness. Eli contains wisdom beyond his years in being able to receive criticism and grow from it, to not personalize conflict. He carries this growth-mindset in his work, and this may indeed be the most valuable skill to any learner. When life grows hectic, stressful and challenging - find Eli. He will help bring perspective, peace and happiness. He will help us find our own best selves. Thank you, Eli.”

And rounding out this impressive list of acknowledgement is Social Studies Department Co-Chair Courtney O’Keefe. Courtney writes, “It is a pleasure to recognize Eli Kinsler for Academic Standout this week for his work in my Western Humanities course. As a student, Eli is an incredibly inquisitive and thoughtful student, always full of questions as well as ideas. On many occasions, he has led thoughtful (as well as fun!) class discussions with these ideas and questions, which have given a level of depth and perspective to our class explorations that have benefited all. Eli is also an exceptionally hard worker. His final products always demonstrate a high level of effort and focus. It is apparent with each assignment Eli completes that he is always focused on doing his best, improving his growing academic skills, and continuing his learning. It is also apparent to me that Eli has the qualities and characteristics associated with someone who will grow up to be a lifelong learner. He genuinely enjoys learning, and is always ready to tackle any new subject in history with determination and focus. He is also incredibly appreciative. He always says "thank you" at the end of each class, sometimes more than once. It is always genuine, and communicates a deep appreciation for the hard work that is done for him in the classroom. Overall, Eli is a tremendous asset to any classroom. He is incredibly sharp, witty, and kind. He is the type of learner teachers such as myself dream to have within their classrooms. Congrats, Eli! A great way to end Academic Standout for the 2020-2021 academic year!”

Congratulations, Eli! This is well-earned, and we are extremely proud of all your hard work and dedication! Way to go! :)





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