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Academic Standout - Toren Gleiman

Student Name: Toren Gleiman

Date of Recognition: November 15th, 2023

House Team: Ramshead

Faculty Presenter: Courtney O’Keefe

Advisor: Matthew Pincus and Joshua Poirier

Sport: Downhill Mountain Biking

Please join the KMS teaching faculty in congratulating Toren Gleiman as our Academic Standout for the week of November 15th! Toren is a Full-Term, Downhill Mountain Biking athlete, who comes to KMS from Ludlow, Vermont. Toren received several strong nominations this week, each recognizing his strong commitment to his education. From his high motivation to push his learning to the next level to his positive attitude towards facing any academic challenge placed in front of him, Toren’s teachers recognize the value that this young man brings to not only the classroom, but also our overall community as well.

Enthusiastically putting forth the first nomination for Toren, as well as presenting for him during our all-school meeting this week, is Social Studies Department Co-Chair and Advisory Coordinator Courtney O’Keefe. Courtney states, “It is a pleasure to nominate Toren Gleiman as this week's Academic Standout. Toren is a member of my Early American History course, and is a wonderful addition as well as asset to my classroom. As a student, Toren is thoughtful, analytical, and open-minded. He is motivated to not only do his best on every assignment and assessment asked of him, but he is also motivated to learn what we are studying as thoroughly as possible. He is open to exploring history from multiple perspectives, is one of the few who truly considers new ideas as well as differing opinions, is always making connections between what we are studying each lesson to the bigger picture historical themes and concepts that our lessons center on, and is always ready to contribute to any class discussion with his own ideas and thoughts, even when unsure. His positive attitude impacts all, and helps to create a learning environment focused on thoughtful discussion as well as playful banter. Overall, Toren has been a joy to teach within my class. I look forward to what more he will do within the classroom as the year progresses. Excellent job, Toren!”

Seconding Toren’s nomination is Student Life Coordinator, Golf Program Director, and Studio Art/Graphic Design/Photography teacher Eric Kuntz. Eric writes, “Toren is in my Photography Class this year. Each week he impresses with each assignment and lesson. He is always thinking about his athletic schedule, and how he can get ahead on his assignments to free up time for his sport. He works hard at his sport as well as his education, and it shows. Toren is a pleasure to have in class, and is a great member of the KMS Community.”

Stepping forward with the third nomination for Toren is Gravity Mountain Bike Coach and Advisor, Josh Poirier. Josh reflects, “Toren is one of my advisees this year, and he is always on top of his academics. He is always aware of his work load and manages his time accordingly. Toren is also one of my athletes, and is doing an amazing job athletically as well. His effort recently has been outstanding. It’s amazing to see how well-rounded and mature Toren is”.

Also stepping forward to support Toren’s nomination is Math Department Co-Chair and Endurance Cycling Program Director Brad Ramsay. Brad states, “Toren is an enthusiastic geometry student, and a pleasure to work with. His work is always thorough and on-time, and he is emotionally present and engaged during class. Toren is always willing to attempt difficult problems and is often the first to raise his hand when the class is asked to suggest strategies for solving them.”

And finally, rounding out this list of incredible nominations is World Languages and Cultures Chair, Social Studies teacher, and Media Literacy Department Chair Robert Cavanna. Robert reflects, “Toren has been punctual, accountable, and excellent overall in Media Literacy. He is often early for class and is always prepared. He is proactive about completing his work, asking the appropriate questions, and contributing to classroom discussions. His comportment has been unparalleled thus far this year, and he has also been a positive influence on his peers.”

We are proud to recognize the level of excellence Toren brings to the classroom this week! Congratulations, Toren! Be proud, young man!





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