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Black Bear Community Award: Jason Sullivan

Student Name: Jason Sullivan

Date of Recognition: December 6th, 2023

House Team: Snowdon

Faculty Presenter: Courtney O’Keefe

Advisor: Allison Resnick and Brad Ramsay

Sport: Endurance Cycling

Please join the KMS community in recognizing Jason Sullivan as this week’s Black Bear Community Award recipient. Jason is a Full-Term Endurance Cycling athlete, who comes to KMS from Hudson, New York. Jason received several nominations this week from members within our faculty, who acknowledge his selflessness of character, as well as his genuine motivation to help members within our community.

Putting forth one of the first nominations for Jason is French Language teacher and Dorm Supervisor Bridget Monaghan. Bridget states, “Jason is one of the first people that comes to mind when you think about KMS and our students. He consistently has a positive and welcoming attitude, and will make friends with anyone. He is a true student leader, helping with facilitating our school wide meetings, engaging with the community, and stepping up in the place of others. Finally, I admire his role as a pathfinder, and hope he will ensure our younger students have a great experience while here.”

Seconding Jason’s nomination is Winter-Term Science and Math teacher Susan Cushing. Susan writes, “I'll start out by saying that I don't know Jason that well, but I think it is great that Jason has volunteered to be a pathfinder for our younger students in our BOOST program. So far this winter, Jason and I have talked several times about how he can help those he is working with as a pathfinder better integrate into our community socially. Since these discussions, I have noticed a big change related to one student in particular, which I attribute to Jason taking him under his wing. It's so nice to see someone like Jason genuinely interested in making another student’s time at KMS a positive experience.”

Also supporting Jason’s nomination, as well as presenting for him during this week’s all-school meeting, is Social Studies Department Co-Chair and Advisory Coordinator Courtney O’Keefe. Courtney reflects, “I can think of no better individual within our community that best represents the Black Bear Community award than Jason Sullivan. He is an amazing young man, who is kind, thoughtful, as well as approachable. He is dedicated to our community and its Mission, and is appreciative of the opportunities he receives here at KMS. He is one of the first to offer assistance when needed, is always willing to collaborate when met with a challenge, is a voice of reason during times of uncertainty, and is a source of support and encouragement to those in need. He is selfless in his motivations, focusing on how best to give back to the community with no want of recognition or reward. It has been amazing watching him take younger students under his wing to help them grow and thrive within our community. I cannot think of a better person for our young students to admire and view as a role model. Congratulations, Mr. Sullivan. This is a well-deserved recognition.”

Jason is apart of the KMS endurance cycling team and currently on his way to Cyclocross Nationals in Louisville Kentucky, we all wish Jason and his teammate Bridget the best of luck at National!

Please join us in congratulating Jason on his recognition for our Black Bear Community Award! Be proud of yourself, young man! We definitely are!





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