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Black Bear Community Award - Kay Roberts

Please join the KMS community in congratulating Kay Roberts as our first Black Bear Community Award recipient of the year! Kay is a Full-Term, Women's U21 Alpine athlete, who comes to KMS from Ashburn, Virginia. Kay was nominated by several of our faculty, who each recognize her amazing kindness as well as selflessness, and the positive impact these character qualities have on our community as a whole. As a dorm student, Kay has stepped forward several times to assist with nightly dinner and clean-up duties on-campus. She has done so without prompting, and on days when she was not scheduled to do so.

When she helps, she does so with a positive attitude and a willingness to help others. She has also taken it upon herself to clean out one of our vans earlier this year, working hard to create a cleaner environment for other athletes to travel in. As a community member, she is well-liked by many, is respected by those around her, and is a source of support and kindness for everyone. Kay is respectful, polite and hardworking. Overall, we are proud of this young woman for showing our community how to selflessly dedicating one's time to step forward and help keep our campus, and its vehicles clean. Kay exemplifies pride in our school. Congrats, Kay! We are exceptionally proud of you - thank you!





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