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Ella Andrews- Academic Standout 3/7/22

Academic Standout Recognition

Date: March 7th, 2022

Student: Ella Andrews

House Team: Snowdon Peak

Presenter: Adam Boshart (Advisor)

The KMS teaching faculty is proud to recognize Ella Andrews as this week’s Academic Standout! Ella is a

Freeski athlete, who comes to KMS from Northampton, Massachusetts. Ella was presented with the recognition at this week’s all-school meeting by her advisor, Adam Boshart. Adam presented write-ups from several of Ella’s teachers, each recognizing how Ella’s strong work ethic, quiet leadership, and incredibly kind nature are assets to each and every classroom she graces on a daily basis.

Stepping forward and providing the first nomination for Ella is Winter-Term Science and Math teacher Donna Brewster. Donna reflects, “Motivated, proactive, and altruistic are words that come to mind when I think of Ella. Ella came to Winter-term not having had Biology yet. It took no time at all for her to show her motivation, and has gone over and above to catch up to the rest of the class. She makes sure she gets clarification, and communicates even while traveling. Her work is always timely and seeks understanding when completing assignments. When students need a helping hand, Ella helps freely without a second thought. She is a terrific student to have in class.”

Seconding Ella’s nomination is Winter-Term Math and Science teacher Susan Cushing. Susan writes, “Ella, a motivated student, a very modest competitor and all around great kid! Coming from an integrated math curriculum that KMS didn't have an equivalent of, Ella did a great job in Algebra 2 adapting, and is thriving in that class. Ella is a natural in geometry with excellent spatial awareness. For most, taking two math classes would be miserable, but Ella takes it all in stride. She always comes to class with an upbeat attitude, asks questions, completes her assignments, and communicates her training/travel plans. It is a pleasure to have Ella in class.”

Adding to this list is English Department Co-Chair Nate Clifford. Nate reflects, “Driven, fiercely intelligent, eloquent and well-spoken. A natural competitor, capable of dusting much of the competition - frequently celebrated as one of the highest-ranking skiers in her age division. Ella understands the value of existing at a high level of competition. It was with some surprise then, that Ella, taking on the argument of why we need school, voiced the value of being exposed to other people's differences, culturally and educationally. For many of us, the role of being the greatest comes at the cost of beating everyone else. Competition does not typically breed collaboration, let alone appreciation of others. And yet, it is Ella's outstanding empathy and the way in which she is willing to take risks - a sort of mastery of her own ability to listen, to hear others, and to let them have the floor that encapsulates Ella's greatness - a collaborative interest in the voices and representation of those who are frequently dismissed, ignored or unheard. A deeper understanding of the value of community, team, and self. Ella captures a confidence which allows her peers to shine, and because of this, she herself is able to rise even higher. She is a natural leader, who makes others better, even as that raises the level of competition for herself.”

Also supporting Ella’s nomination is Admissions and Advancement Coordinator and World Languages Teacher Elizabeth Cardiasmenos. Liz states, “Ella is a tremendous student-athlete who is patient, kind and understanding to her peers. Ella is an inquisitive learner who puts in the time and effort and asks the important questions. As a language learner Ella is comfortable in the ambiguity of certain idiomatic expressions and is "ok" with the grey area in translation, accepting that things are expressed differently in different languages and that we can learn about a culture through its language. Ella shows curiosity, respect and compassion when reflecting on Francophone people and the French language. A model language-learner! Félicitations pour un très bon travail!”

Lastly, Social Studies Department Co-Chair Courtney O’Keefe offers her nomination for this young academic. Courtney comments, “This year I have the pleasure of teaching Ella in US History II. As a student, Ella is a dream to have within the Social Studies classroom. Her authentically high level of engagement as well as genuine motivation to learn is a breath of fresh air each class. When she walks into my classroom, she brings with her a high level of respect for the discipline, a willingness and determination to learn, and an openness to understand- skills that are essential for studying our nation’s history. She works hard in each class to not only understand the historical events and eras we cover, but also to understand how these impact us today and how their specific lessons can provide us with the knowledge we need to create a better future. Ella wholeheartedly embraces the importance of studying history through multiple perspectives, understanding that these different experiences aid in the richness of the human history around her. She is always thoughtful, and uses her strong critical thinking skills to make essential connections to bigger picture historical concepts and ideas. She is also a great discussion leader, is never afraid to ask questions or seek clarification, and is never afraid to embrace her natural curiosity. She holds her own in the classroom with a quiet grace and confidence that I cannot help but find admirable for one so young. She is also an incredibly kind, empathetic young soul, someone who encourages others and offers kind words of support when needed. She is a grounding rod for others with her strong and open presence, and it does not surprise that many of her peers think so highly of her beyond the amazing skills she shows up on the mountain. I am proud to count her amongst the students I have taught within my career. Incredible work, Ella!”

An amazing recognition this week! Congratulations, Ella! Be proud!





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