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Liam Claffey- Academic Standout 2/14/22

Academic Standout Recognition

Date: February 14th, 2022

Student: Liam Claffey

House Team: Bear Peak

Presenter: Nate Clifford

The KMS teaching faculty is proud to announce this week’s Academic Standout: Liam Claffey! Liam is a full-term Freestyle athlete, who comes to KMS from Mendon, Vermont. Liam was enthusiastically nominated by several of his teachers this week, each of which recognized this young man’s strong academic acumen, strong work ethic, as well as his impactful contributions to both KMS and the greater Killington community.

Putting forth the first nomination for Liam is Social Studies Department Co-Chair and Middle School Humanities teacher Ian Groezinger. Ian writes, “Liam came back to KMS this year and picked up right where he left off. Time and again Liam turns in high quality, thought provoking work that any student would be proud of. Even with the added stresses of jumping up a grade this year, his active role in student council and the greater Killington community, and his high end athletic travel, Liam has met, and exceeded, the expectations set by all his teachers. I am excited to see what the future holds for Mr. Claffey!”

Seconding this nomination, as well as presenting for Liam during this Monday’s all-school meeting, is English Department Co-Chair Nate Clifford. Nate reflects, “Liam Claffey. A man who needs no introduction. I've heard more about Liam's studentship in the past year than most. But to experience it first hand, is another thing entirely. One might accuse me of exaggeration when I tell you that Liam gives his fullest attention to every single assignment. That he communicates often while traveling and tries to make classes whenever possible. Although this kind of attention to the details of schedules, accountability and focus rarely win one the admiration of one's peers, it has earned him an almost unanimous respect and admiration from his teachers. It reminds us that champions do not pick and choose what to be good at, they understand the value of practice, and that success comes from showing up and giving everything, all the time - because it isn't a choice, it's who they are.”

Supporting Liam’s nomination also is World Languages teacher Christy Harris. Christy comments, “Liam is an exemplary student and kind classmate at the same time. He produces high quality work every class and he collaborates very well with his peers!”

Rounding out these amazing write-ups is KMS School Nurse and Health teacher Judith Hamlin. Judy states, “I would also like to recognize Liam this week. Liam is a kind, thoughtful young man, who is a good critical-thinker in my class. I also want to add that he is also very funny, with a great sense of humor ! I truly appreciate his contributions to my class!”

Congratulations, Liam! We are exceptionally proud of your academic dedication and achievements! You are a true asset to both our classrooms and community!





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