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Megan Bianchi- Academic Standout 1/18/21

Academic Standout for January 18th, 2021

Presented by Winter-Term Humanities teacher Jessica Sardelli

Written by Courtney O’Keefe

The KMS teaching faculty is excited to announce the first Academic Standout of the new year: Megan Bianchi!

Winter-Term World Languages teacher Liz also supported this nomination, reflecting upon Megan’s excellent work in French. Liz writes, “Megan has impressed me with her enthusiasm and drive. She is always willing to speak and participate in French. As a language-learner she understands the benefit of taking risks, trying out new expressions or tenses and getting the most practice out of every class session. She is a great communicator and asks good questions. She did an outstanding job navigating travel (with limited internet connectivity) and completed all work while continuing to check in when it was possible. Bon travail Megan!”

Winter-Term Science and Math teacher Donna Brewster also put forth her own nomination for Megan. Donna reflects, “As a winter term student, Megan joined my class and before you knew it, she was gone! I was so impressed with Megan’s work ethic while on the road. She not only got all her assignments done, but also took the time to get clarification on information she was learning and even got a perfect score on the assessment she took while gone. Upon her return she was right up to date with the content and continued to do extraordinary well both in class and on her independent work. Keep up the great work!!”

Social Studies Department Co-Chair and Middle School Humanities teacher Ian Groezinger also supported Megan’s nomination this week. Ian states, “Megan has been nothing short of outstanding in history class. Every day she shows up prepared, enthused, and ready to learn. She consistently contributes meaningful thoughts and ideas to class, helping to facilitate discussion of the greater themes of the day. In addition, her work has been exemplary since day one.”

Winter-Term Health teacher and school nurse Judy Hamlin rounds out this amazing list of nominations with her own. Judy writes, “ I have Megan in health class and also observe her to be an outstanding student. She contributes to our seminar style class with insight and critical thinking. I appreciated her participation in our class. I also observe her to be a kind person and someone with great integrity. She communicated with me while traveling and that to me shows dedication to her work and academic success.”

Congratulations, Megan! A recognition well-earned! You’ve made our community proud!





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