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Senior Gift Donation Challenge

As their gift back to Killington Mountain School, our youngest alumni, the class of 2022, have pledged to donate $500.00 to the #senditforKMS Annual Fund.

In true KMS fashion, this generous class wanted to express their gratitude by giving back in the most impactful way, one of funding operation costs and campus expansion for this center of excellence. This decision was unanimous among the class of 2022 seniors, who all agreed that as we outgrow our building and look to break ground on a new gym, that the best gift they could leave would be a monetary donation to our annual fund.

The 2022 senior class is very excited to be trailblazers, the first class to give funding in place of a token gift as their legacy. The class of 2022 will be remembered as the class that gave directly to the KMS experience and hope that this is the start of a yearly campaign, with each class trying to raise even more than the graduates before them. This engages alumni right from graduation day and our seniors are very energized to be a part of it.

This is where they need your help. Our 10 seniors have started a “Team” on our Annual Fund page, called KMS Class of 2022 in honor of their graduating class and chose a lofty goal of raising $2,022 before the end of the fiscal year. Please consider donating to our year round center of excellence through our senior class page. Every dollar goes directly to the KMS experience, benefitting all of our student-athletes. These seniors have benefitted from myriad opportunities that KMS has afforded them and they are taking action for those who follow. Please join them in making a difference. Help the class of 2022 make an impact today!

The class of 2022 has also decided to challenge past alumni to "Donate Their Year". Check out their video below as the call on KMS Alumni to join in the giving and donate back to the Annual Fund.

Update: The KMS Class of 2022 page has been live for 24 hours and they’ve already raised over $1000.00. Way to go!





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