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Student of the Week – October 19, 2016

Congratulations to Peter Sell, who was named Student of the Week at this week’s all-school community lunch. Peter is an 8th grade Alpine athlete who is taking a 9th grade curriculum, (as per his own request) and comes to KMS from Pittsfield, VT. He was nominated for this award by history department chair Courtney O’Keefe. She shared, “Peter is in my Western Humanities class and is one of the most productive members of this particular group of students. He is a great contributor to class discussions, asks really great questions, and is always attentive to the materials being taught. He shows a genuine interest in the history we are learning- it shows in his focus in class, his participation, and his work quality. I would also like to note that Peter is a responsible young man, who seeks clarification on assignments as well as making sure he understands CW/HW instructions on Google Classroom. He is also a kind and helpful young man, who aids his peers, often without being asked.” Science teacher Terri Isidro also had positive thoughts about Peter, “I second Peter Sell! In Environmental science, Peter shows great effort and he is extremely kind and helpful to his peers. Peter always completes his assignments on time, and shows enthusiasm for whatever projects we do. Despite his quiet nature, Peter should be recognized as a leader academically and socially because he’s an intelligent student with great integrity who cares about others and the world around him.” Spanish teacher Claudia Revenko-Bowen agreed, “Peter always exhibits a positive outlook and attitude in class. He is committed to doing his best and takes responsibility for his learning, continually rising to the many challenges of learning a second language. As important, Peter is courteous, thoughtful and kind.” Congratulations Peter, on raising the academic bar for yourself and then rising to the challenge with grace!




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