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Alumni Event draws unprecedented crowd on World Cup Weekend

After an incredibly fun day on the hill watching the top women in the world race Giant Slalom, Killington Mountain School alumni, teachers, coaches and friends gathered together at the Highline Lodge, where many reunions took place. Teachers and coaches were all smiles as their former student-athletes appeared one after another, exchanging many hugs and reminiscing about year's past.

Rick Redington and the Luv added some live music to the evening, pausing only for Head of School Tao Smith to deliver some remarks to the group and to draw a name for the new pair of Parlor skis that were up for grabs. Congratulations Cory Albert, class of 2006!

Many thanks to the group who returned. We here at KMS are so grateful to be back in touch with so many of you. Whether you attended the event or not, please come back to visit any time. It really is an exciting time for the school, and we'd love to show you all of the great things happening here!




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