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A night to honor student-athletes

Killington Mountain School held its annual Awards and Senior Recognition Ceremony on Friday, March 24. Friends, family, teachers, coaches, staff and students gathered together to recognize the academic and athletic accomplishments of the wonderfully talented and hardworking student-athletes.

The evening kicked off with a reception featuring outstanding food and libations prepared by the school's exceptional kitchen staff. Everyone then moved down to the gym to celebrate the senior class --especially the two graduating winter-term seniors Cameron Robinson and Collin Campbell-- and the entire student body for their athletic and academic commitment and performance.

Academic Department Awards were presented to student-athletes who were deemed successful 21st Century learners and those who exemplify skills and characteristics such as respect, leadership, responsibility and consistency, inquisitiveness, and a growth mindset. Recipients were as follows:

Art: Samuel Hayden

English: Emilie-Kate Robinson-Leith

History/Social Studies: Isabella Phelan

Math: Kalman Heims and Anja Kroon

Music: Kian Hauschildt

Science: Anja Kroon

World Language: Mazie Hayden

The Dorm Leadership Award was then given to the dorm student who best exemplifies the mission and spirit of the KMS community as shown by his or her positive attitude and willingness to help others. This year's recipient was Vivien Rindisbacher.

Tao Smith then delivered the Head of School Award, which is presented annually to the underclass student who most demonstrates the qualities of leadership, dedication, and commitment to KMS. This student is selected from students in grades 7-11 by the Head of School and this year, the honor went to John Bianchi.

Director of Athlete Development Gar Trayner then called up coaches to give the athletic awards. The athletic awards are given in three categories:

The Most Improved Award is presented to the athlete that exemplifies the hard work and dedication that is required to make significant progress in their discipline. Results may or may not be used in the determination of this award.

The Coach Award recognizes the individual who exemplifies total commitment to and passion for their sport. While results are considered, the demonstration of a strong personal work ethic and the willingness to help and encourage fellow athletes is more important.

The Skiing/Riding Excellence Award acknowledges the athlete with the strongest results for the current season at an elite level of competition.

The Athletic Award recipients are as follows:

Men’s Alpine U19 -

Most Improved - Max Wonsavage

Coach Award - Brad Underhill

Excellence - Paul Ferri

Women’s Alpine U19 -

Excellence - Ava Mattsson

Most Improved - Becca Clark

Coach Award - Cassidy Bebo

Men’s Alpine U16 -

Excellence- Tanner Graves

Most improved- Stevie Connolly

Coach Award- Peter Sell/ Matt Fryer

Women’s Alpine U16 -

Excellence - Izzy Jenne

Most Improved - Francesca Castellini

Coach Award - Honor Brogden

Alpine U14 -

Excellence - Caroline Roy

Most Improved - Bode Tracy/Joanna Robinson-Leith

Coach Award - Ashley Spreng

Freestyle -

Most Improved - Taylor Getz

Coach Award - Ian Beauregard

Excellence - Hannah Soar and Kalman Heims

Freeski -

Most Improved - Trent Miller

Snowboard -

Excellence -EK Robinson-Leith

Coach Award- Matt Miller

Most Improved- Kian Hauschildt

SkiCross Excellence - Mazie Hayden

SkiCross Most Improved- McKenna Latt

Climbing -

Climbing Excellence - Samuel Hayden

Climbing Most Improved - Gabe Robinson-Leith

Because the Cycling team is at the start of their competition season, their awards will be presented at the June graduation.

Two Student Council representatives, John Bianchi and Tommy Shantler, then presented a member of the faculty with the KMS Faculty Recognition Award. This is an award voted on by the student body and given to a member of the faculty who goes above and beyond to dedicate his/her time and effort to the betterment of the school and of the students' lives. This year the award was given to Dave Willis.

President of the Student Council, and member of the 2017 graduating class, Spencer Belsky then gave an outstanding and inspirational senior address.

The ceremony closed with Senior Awards, the school's highest honors.

The Academic Excellence Award is voted on by the entire teaching faculty and is presented to the senior who shows continued academic dedication and genuine intellectual curiosity. This student shows respect for faculty and his/her fellow students - as well as displays superior ability and leadership. This year's winner was Becca Clark

The Arleen Agresto Award was created to honor a past member of the KMS teaching faculty, and is voting on by the entire faculty and staff. This award is presented to the senior who most vividly shows the “KMS Spirit” - infectious positivity and an appreciation for the opportunities available at KMS. This year the award was presented to Becca Clark.

Finally, the Fred Coriell Cup was presented to a male and female member of the senior class who excels in all aspects of the KMS experience. This award is presented to the student-athlete(s) who, in words and in actions truly embody the KMS mission statement. This year Hannah Soar and Bobby Ryan won the cup.

Faculty representatives then followed the KMS tradition of speaking for graduating seniors, with Coach Nick Keating speaking for Cameron Robinson and Sally Roberts for Collin Campbell. Faculty will speak for the full-term seniors in June. Seniors were then presented with a senior gift, and Head of School Tao Smith then closed the ceremony. It was a special evening that served to remind all in attendance of the wonderful and supportive community surrounding these very talented student-athletes




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