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Black Bear Award - Wyatt Hoffman

Congratulations to Wyatt Hoffman who was given the Black Bear Award at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Wyatt is a ninth grade Alpine athlete from Lyme, CT, He was nominated for this award by Director of Student Life, Meghan Girardi who explained, "The Saturday before Thanksgiving Wyatt spent almost an hour and a half in the kitchen doing dishes while I was cooking. He came in without being asked and just kept plugging away until he had to leave with his Dad. I was so thankful for his help, and what was so special was that he did it all on his own."

We often remind students to "leave the place better than you found it" and Wyatt certainly lived that ethos in his taking the initiative to step up and help. Congratulations, Wyatt, on being an exemplary member of the KMS community.




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