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Student of the Week - Francesca Castellini

Congratulations to Francesca Castellini, who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Francesca is an 11th grade Alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Killington, VT. She was nominated for this award by science department chair Terri Isidro. Terri commented, "Francesca is a consistently good student. She sets clear goals for herself and works hard to achieve them. When confronted with something difficult she puts in the time and effort to understand it, even when it frustrates her. She does not give up. Organization is another quality that Franny has worked hard to develop and this is another reason that she shines as a student."

Terri continued, "If she has upcoming travel, she always lets teachers know and asks for extensions if needed. Francesca's real strengths academically are that she has a very bright mind, displays consistent effort and perseverance, demonstrates excellent planning and organization, and sets high standards and goals for herself. She should be very proud of her achievements this year at KMS!"

Math department chair Steve Tuckerman agreed, "Franny has also done very well all year in pre-calculus, and is a strong candidate for this recognition."

Social Studies department chair Courtney O'Keefe wholeheartedly agreed, sharing, "I would like also nominate Franny for Student of the Week this week. I have had the pleasure of teaching Franny in both the Junior K-term course and Cultural Anthropology this year. As a student, Franny has definitely grown over the past few years. She has and continues to be a strong, self-aware student who challenges herself every class to meet both my and her own academic goals and expectations. She has never been one to simply get an assignment done and move on. For her, every assignment is a means to push herself academically to both grow new and fine tune her current academic skills. Her work is always polished, analytical, and reflective. Her final products turned in for class always showcase her academic growth and willingness to embrace suggestions and constructive criticism. She has definitely turned in work of which she should be proud."

Courtney continued, "Francesca is a great contributor to class discussions, often times voicing opinions and views about subjects that allow for greater analysis and exploration. She often encourages and pushes others to contribute to class, edit their work, and adhere to due dates and class expectations. Overall, Franny is a highly responsible student who is a benefit to have in any class. Congrats!"

Way to go, Francesca!




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