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Students of the Week - Kaylie Fryer & Joanna Robinson-Leith

Congratulations to Kaylie Fryer and Joanna Robinson-Leith on being named co-Students of the Week --a great way to round out the academic year and head off into final exams and summer with a bang! Kaylie, a ninth grade Alpine athlete from Bristol, CT and Joanna, a ninth grade Alpine athlete from Killington, VT were nominated for this award by social studies faculty member Ian Groezinger.

Ian shared, "I would like to nominate Joanna and Kaylie. Over the course of the year, they have both been a constant of high effort and achievement in my Honors level Western Humanities class. They both continue to put in the time and effort in order to achieve their version of 'excellence' which, is very high. They have the ability to think and analyze critically while also being able to effectively vocalize their arguments. They arrive to class on-time, prepared, and with their homework completed. Both have carried a 95% or higher throughout the course of the year."

Science/math faculty member Richard Morse agreed with the nomination, adding, "In our Environmental Science class Kaylie is always on time and ready to go for every class. Even if she does not always like some of the projects, but she quickly gets focused, adopts a positive attitude and gives everything a try. I can expect this no matter what, and that's very helpful."

Science department chair Terri Isidro added her thoughts about Joanna "Joanna can always be counted on to work hard, participate, and push her limits!"

English teacher Shayna Miller agreed, "Joanna has consistently shown diligent effort in class and is the first to volunteer to help when needed. She is a positive and friendly role model for her peers."

Way to go Kaylie and Joanna! Nice work keeping committed and dedicated to your academics throughout the entire school year!




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