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Student of the Week - Chris Mehlman

Congratulations to Chris Mehlman who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Chris is a PG Cycling athlete who comes to KMS from Manchester, MA. He was nominated for this award by English Department Chair Shayna Miller. Chris takes two classes at KMS as part of his postgraduate program.

Shayna shared her thoughts about working with Chris in their English class, "In addition to showing talent as a writer, Chris has been a positive and intelligent participant in our PG English class. Chris always arrives ready to embrace whatever task he is challenged with and gives it his all. Along with being a diligent, smart and conscientious student, Chris is a pleasure to have in my class. Congratulations, Chris!"

Social Studies Department Chair Courtney O'Keefe agreed with the nomination, "Along with Shayna, I would like to nominate Chris Mehlman for Student of the Week this week. I have the pleasure of having Chris in my Cultural Anthropology course this year. Chris is a highly motivated and insightful student, who approaches the study and exploration of Cultural Anthropology with a thoughtfulness, reflectiveness, and critical eye of someone who is wise beyond their years. He approaches the study of non-Western cultural behaviors and beliefs with an open mind and a willingness to understand, showcasing his personal belief that Western cultures can learn just as much from non-Western as they can learn from us. He is articulate, and is able to express his thoughts and opinions with ease. I enjoy not only his contributions to whole class discussions during our lessons, but also the small conversations we have one-on-one before and after class. He is very wise for his age and can connect what he has learned in the past to what he is currently learning, both in and outside the classroom, in meaningful and insightful ways which sometimes impact my own thoughts on the topics we discuss. His work shows high effort and focus, surpassing all work expectations I have for him. Overall, he is an asset to my classroom and a role model for other students. He is more than deserving of this recognition and should be proud of all he has accomplished so far. Way to go, Chris!"

Self-Actualization instructor Jill Blondek added, "Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Chris and reviewing his nutrition log. Chris takes very good care of his body and prepares his meals in advance with great though. He also researches recipes for "on the go" snacks and meals that work for his active, competitive lifestyle. It's very cool to see this young man take pride into what he eats and how it fuels his body and mind. He's a great choice for Student of the Week."

Director of Academics April Hayden shared, "Even before school started this year, I had many positive communications with Chris about academics. In addition, I have found him to be a kind, intelligent, mature community member. I am particularly impressed by his support and encouragement of other cycling team members."

Congratulations, Chris on a job well done!




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