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Student of the Week - Ayden Schain

Congratulations to Ayden Schain who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Ayden is an 11th grade Alpine/Equestrian athlete who comes to KMS from Killington, VT. She was nominated for this award by math/science faculty member Allison Resnick, a nomination that was seconded by several other faculty members.

Allison shared, "I would like to nominate Ayden. She has been on my radar for a couple of weeks now and after midterms I really feel she deserves it. She has put a great deal of effort into Pre-Calc and her grades have reflected it. While home sick, she asked if she could video Hangout to join class so that she didn't miss any information, she has sought out help when she doesn't understand something, and her efforts have been reflected in her tests and quizzes...and now in her midterm where she did an exceptional job."

Science department chair Terri Isidro seconded the nomination, "Ayden got a 93 on her Honors Chemistry midterm and currently that's the highest grade in the class! She worked very hard to prepare and has really set the bar high for herself."

World Languages Department co-chair Robert Cavanna agreed with the nomination, "I fully endorse Ayden's nomination for Student of the Week. She helps drive the classroom discussions with her insightful observations. She has also consistently produced high caliber research for my class throughout the academic year. She is fully deserving of the honor!"

Claudia Revenko-Bowen, World Languages Department co-chair added her nomination as well, "Ayden has all the qualities of those strong young women who have made an impact in history. She is determined, hard-working, visionary, and analytical. She is curious about almost everything, questioning things and events without waiting for an answer, and diving in immediately to find a response. In both classes, TED Travels the World and Spanish, Ayden actively engages in working consciously and independently. Having set academic and life goals for herself, it is evident, through her attitude and commitment to her responsibilities, that she is well on her way to achieving them. Great work, and you are so deserving of this award! ¡Excelente Ayden!"

English faculty member Nate Clifford echoed the nominations for Ayden, "Ayden has been a joy to work with. She often communicates early and seeks out extra help with assignments. Her insights in class are original, intelligent and often well connected to the world around us. Ayden brings an optimistic energy to her work, and takes on challenges in writing with creativity and an inquisitive mind. I often look forward to her shared discoveries and questions that she brings to class and am always excited to read her road to discovery in her writing. Her honesty and integrity are forthright, consistent and inspiring. I am so glad to celebrate Ayden's success as a student, and especially as a young writer."

Congratulations, Ayden on a well-deserved honor!




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