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Student of the Week - Curtis North

Congratulations to Curtis North, who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Curtis is an 11th grade Freestyle athlete who comes to KMS from Newport, NH. Curtis was nominated for this award by several of his teachers based on his strong work ethic, initiative, and commitment to his studies.

Language Department Co-Chair Claudia Revenko-Bowen shared her nomination, "Curtis exemplifies the independent and motivated language learner who seeks to grow and excel linguistically. He continuously shows initiative, always putting his best effort into assignments and projects. When I asked Curtis if he would like to try a higher level in Spanish, he rose to the challenge immediately, tackling topics and structures with determination and purpose up to this day. He is deserving of this recognition for his effort, commitment, and dedication as a student-athlete and language learner. ¡Great job Curtis!"

Robert Cavanna agreed with the nomination, "I'd like to second Curtis for Student of the Week. He has been a driving force in my Images of Food course with his keen observations and critical assessments. Curtis has also displayed tremendous maturity and accountability all year while traveling, by staying in touch and on pace with his coursework. He is an exceptional student who truly values his education and takes every opportunity available to enrich himself intellectually. He is more than deserving of this distinction for the exceptional way he comports himself in and out of the classroom."

English teacher Nate Clifford added his thoughts, "Curtis North is an exceptional student. Early in my time at KMS I learned how important communication is between students and teachers, especially during travel. I learned this through advice and anecdotal wisdom from other staff, but admittedly, I did not understand it until I experienced it. Curtis was an invaluable teacher for me. Not only does Curtis communicate often, proactively and with clarity, but he consistently communicates ownership, humility and responsibility. His work is passionate, involved and frankly.... fun. He frequently brings his passion for music and deeper inquiry to class. He personalizes his work. Curtis balances the challenges of learning and being a highly competitive athlete with a maturity and interest beyond his years. He brings this interest to every assignment. In short, Curtis seems to realize that the teacher is just a guide, learning is a choice, and the true guru, is Curtis himself."

Congratulations, Curtis on a job well done!




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