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Student of the Week - Peter Sell

Congratulations to Peter Sell, who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Peter is an 11th grade Alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Pittsfield, VT. He was nominated for this award by the KMS faculty due to his academic excellence, integrity and sense of responsibility.

Peter was nominated for this award by Math/Science instructor, Allison Resnick whose nomination reads, "I would like to nominate Peter Sell. Since his return from Spring Break he has really picked up his work ethic and participation in class. He just crushed it on his latest test, and is a great leader in the class. Peter has also been asking questions for clarification, and helping others when they need help."

Math/Science teacher Richard Morse added, "As part of his National Honor Society service project, Peter has regular blocks in his schedule where he is assigned to help tutor other students. He arrives on time and ready to go for everyone one of these sessions, and he is always willing and ready to help with anything."

Science Department Chair Terri Isidro shared, "Peter Sell has been challenging himself to work more independently in Honors Chemistry. I can see he really enjoys being able to figure out how to do a problem by thinking things through, and has been really applying himself. He was also very conscientious about staying in touch during the last trip. He's even stepping up to help as a teaching assistant in Chemistry next year and will be the first one to try out this elective! I have seen a lot of growth in Peter academically and personally this year."

Art teacher Eric Kuntz agreed with the nomination, "I do not have Peter this year, but I have a good relationship with him. He is always respectful and engaging in conversation, is positive and is always willing to help. I think he is a great nomination!"

Learning Support specialist and dorm staff member Hanne Bailey commented, "Peter volunteered his time over this past weekend to help with trail maintenance at the Sherburne Trails, which was really generous."

Computer Science instructor Chris Bianchi added, "I support Peter's nomination. I have Peter in Computer Programming and he's always genuinely interested and proactive about communication when outside of class."

Language Department Co-Chair Robert Cavanna commented, "I'd also like to support Peter's nomination for Student of the Week. He is an exceptional student with a unique skill set that allows him to excel academically. This is especially true with regard to his semi-independent study of German language and culture. He owns his learning every day and is always timely with his assignments. He is an important contributor in my Images of Food course as well, with his insightful observations and his critical assessments of the subject matter. Peter is always polite during our class meetings and is accountable for his work while traveling and competing. He is more than deserving of this recognition."

Finally, English teacher Nate Clifford spoke about Peter's character and work ethic, "Integrity. From the moment I met Peter, I was filled with awe at the maturity and ease with which he takes ownership for all that he does. From communicating with me in regards to his papers, asking for early feedback and making corrections on his work, Peter has always taken complete responsibility for his learning. I know, I know. Ew. Responsibility is a word for "old people". Perhaps that is why it is so remarkable to have a student who leads through this quiet, confident example. To be so young, and to take on so much is the mark of a great leader, and I look forward to following his many future successes."

Congratulations, Peter on an incredibly impressive round of nominations. Way to go!




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