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Student of the Week - Wyatt Hoffman

Congratulations to Wyatt Hoffman who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Wyatt is a 10th grade Alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Old Lyme, CT. He was nominated for this award by World Languages teacher Malena Agin.

Malena shared, "My nomination this week is goes out to Wyatt Hoffman. Just yesterday, I asked Wyatt to leave my class because he was seemingly uninterested, hood on, slouching, mad at the world. But he wasn't. He was tired, he had a headache and he had a lot on his mind, like many of us frequently do. Wyatt didn't leave my classroom, instead he turned it around and delivered a good class. I've had the pleasure of teaching Wyatt since the beginning of this year, sans a four month hiatus. We've had our ups and downs but Wyatt has always delivered. In his own way, he communicates when it's most needed. He always come through, and even though I know he doesn't think so, he's made good progress this year in French class. When he puts effort into his words and his work, Wyatt is unstoppable, and so I'd like to recognize him this week for his tenacity; because it is through his bulldog spirit that you most experience his growth, or at least I have."

Science Department Chair Terri Isidro agreed, "Wyatt infuses our Kinesiology class with humor and energy. But behind the fun and lively exterior, there is a keen intellect and amazing recall and comprehension that I think Wyatt himself does not fully grasp at times. I have told Wyatt before that based on his thinking and natural abilities for learning and understanding complex material that I have witnessed, he can certainly great achieve success in science or medicine. He will be challenging himself with Honors Chemistry next year and I'm looking forward to teaching this amazing and fun student once again!"

Social Studies Department Chair Courtney O'Keefe nominated Wyatt as well, "I would also like to add my nomination for Mr. Hoffman. I have had the pleasure of teaching Wyatt in my US History course this year. He started off the year on a strong footing, being the first to accept my invitation to our course's Google Classroom and completing his In the Sea There are Crocodiles summer project first. This momentum continued throughout the year. Wyatt has been heavily invested in doing his best in my course. From asking questions on Google Classroom, to seeking clarification in person, to asking for my help to edit his work, Wyatt has worked extremely hard to produce final products that he can say best represent himself as a student and history learner. He is always enthusiastic to participate in class, never afraid to ask a question, and works well with his peers on any and all group/partner assignments and class discussion. It is refreshing to see a student so involved in his own growth and development and his presence in my classroom has benefited all. Way to go, Wyatt. Be proud!"

English teacher Nate Clifford rounded out the nominations, "From the moment I met Wyatt, I was startled by the innate talent he has for changing the temperature of the room. When Wyatt is engaged, his insights are deep and provocative, and his passion is infectious. He elevates the thinking in the room. His desire to bring his own experiences to the table is matched by a respect for learning that is respectful and disciplined. I'll never forget the moment I observed him explain to another student in study hall that math wasn't difficult if you did the practice problems, but that doing the practice problems was a necessity. To show that consideration for owning one's learning is unusual, and I look forward to celebrating his continued studentship, as he becomes the leader he may not realize he already is."

Congratulations, Wyatt on a job well done!




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