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KMS First Annual Alumni Panel

The first-ever KMS alumni college roundtable discussion was held during an extended Advisory block on Monday June 1st. This event was sponsored by the Student Council and moderated by senior Ayden Schain. The following alumni participated: Cassidy Bebo, Ava Mattsson, Jeremy Norton 2016; John Bianchi, Mazie Hayden, Kalman Heims, 2018; and E-K Robinson-Leith, 2019. Questions included, How has KMS prepared you for college? and What advice can you offer our current juniors and seniors? Our KMS alumni are adaptable, take care of themselves, find good mentors, manage their time wisely, and make their own opportunities. They advised current students to stay organized, proactively communicate with teachers and coaches, focus on study skills and habits, and realize that your plans will most likely change - and that is ok. Thanks to all who participated! We will share the recorded session on our College Advising page on the Intranet and Parent Portal.




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