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Continuity of Academics Reopening Task Force Report

The KMS program offers a thematic and dynamic curriculum, challenging students to consider their place in the world and their role as global citizens. Utilizing a blended-learning approach, faculty guide students in their pursuit of high-level academics and athletics. Our mission is to “provide a highly individualized program” and “the technological infrastructure to support distance learning.”

Due to the nature of KMS and athletic training/travel, we have been ahead of the curve with regard to online teaching and learning. Best practices have been articulated and include the following: dynamic learning ingredients, guiding standards, and the 4D education model - focus on content, skills, character, and meta-cognition or meta-learning.

KMS offers the gold standard in both theory and practice. We “flex” between in-person classrooms and Google Classrooms due to athletic demands; but also because it is aligned with our educational philosophy. A blended hybrid model is in alignment with constructivist principles. It is student-centered - allowing for choice, independence, relevance, and personal growth. Indeed, “knowledge is not linear, nor is the process of learning. Learning is a journey, not a destination. Each point of view is a temporary intellectual stop along the path of ever-increasing knowledge.” (Brooks and Brooks, 1999)




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