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Alpine Travels to Big Snow American Dream

Earlier this month, KMS Alpine athletes traveled to Big Snow American Dream in East Rutherford, New Jersey for their first turns of the season! Athletes were able to virtually attend their morning classes before getting a few hours of directed freeskiing during their afternoon training sessions. Check out what Head Alpine Coach, Micaela Holland has to say about the trip:

"We are pleased to report that we are finishing up our final day of skiing at Big Snow American Dream. We've had ten productive hours skiing over the last three days and we're looking forward to two more hours of skiing before heading home this evening. Students have been virtually attending class from their hotel rooms each morning. We brought all breakfast and lunch items with us from VT (thanks, Rhonda!) and the hotel kindly gave our group a huge private conference room for tuning, eating and studying. After skiing each day we returned to the hotel and got to experience some authentic Italian catering from our new friends at Lino's. Each day has been a combination of technical directed freeskiing, drill work with coaches and fun free skiing as well. The slope is short but the snow surface has been great and turn-around time short. Our goal has been to get as much mileage as possible on a very short slope and we're happy to report the overall progress of the group has been very strong.

While there is inherent risk involved in today's climate, we feel that students and staff have

successfully taken the appropriate steps to mitigate as much risk as possible. Students remained in our 'KMS bubble' and have only been in the facility and the hotel. Masks have been worn at all times except in hotel rooms and students have made every attempt to maintain social distancing with everyone outside our bubble."

After our first successful on-snow training trip, we are excitied to see what new training opportunities open up over the next few months!




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