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Fred Coriell Named to VARA Hall of Fame

The Vermont Alpine Racing Association has annouced that Fred Coriell will be inducted into the 2020 VARA Hall of Fame.

KMS is deeply moved by this honor and continues to benefit from Fred's legacy created during his long tenure as the owner of Peak Performance Ski Shop and as a KMS trustee. Since his passing, Fred remains a legend in the ski industry, particularly in the Vermont alpine racing community. There are not enough words to describe the countless contributions Fred and the Coriell Family have made to KMS and Vermont ski racing. Thank you, Fred; and thank you to VARA for recognizing a great man.

Read the VARA annoucement below:

"VARA is honored to be inducting Fred Coriell into the 2020 Hall of Fame.

Fred had a long and revered history in Vermont ski racing. Serving more than ten years on the VARA Board, Fred worked on many committees where he made a substantial impact. He was a trustee for The Killington Mountain School and the owner of Peak Performance Ski Shop, where he successfully helped many VARA members acquire properly fitted equipment.

During Fred's long tenure on the VARA Board of Directors, he helped guide the association through many changes and lead and execute new initiatives. He was chair of the nominating committee and was mindful of his work with recruiting VARA board members. He was always family-focused and cognizant of the effects of the changes and updates in VARA policies on these families.

Fred and the Coriell Family have been entrenched not only in VARA and Vermont racing, but they were also committed to Killington Mountain School. Fred was President of the Board of Trustees, and his three boys, Fred Jr., David, and Scott, all went through the Mid Vermont Council system and KMS. They were star athletes at Woodstock High School and achieved top academic and athletic results while students. All three of the Coriell children attended Middlebury College, where they competed as members of the alpine ski team.

In addition to Fred's VARA and KMS involvement, his passion for developing youth interest in ski racing, generosity, kindness, caring, and understanding were felt throughout the VARA community. Fred was constantly looking for ways to give back. His support showed in the smiles on the faces of those he helped.

Fred is being honored for his contributions to Vermont ski racing, his commitment to VARA, and for the quiet work he put into helping children of all ages stay in the sport.

Fred passed away in November of 2019."




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