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Liam Claffey- 3/8 Academic Standout

Academic Standout for March 8th, 2021

Academic Standout: Liam Claffey

Presented by Ian Groezinger

Written by Courtney O’Keefe

The KMS teaching faculty is proud to present this week’s Academic Standout: Liam Claffey. Liam is a 7th grade Freestyle athlete, who comes to KMS from our own backyard of Killington VT. Liam was recognized by several of his teachers, as well as a few of our administration faculty, for his wonderful work both in the classroom as well as the greater KMS community. All agree that this young man’s dedication to his studies, along with his strong commitment to KMS, showcases the best within our school community.

Social Studies Department Chair, Middle School Humanities teacher, and Student Council Lead Advisor Ian Groezinger was the first to step forward with a nomination for his advisee Liam. Ian states, “I met Liam earlier this year and have had the pleasure of watching him ascend the ranks within the KMS Community. In Humanities class Liam constantly provides meaningful insight to class discussion as well as high quality written work. However, it is his endeavors in other aspects of the community that really stand out. Liam decided to sign up for my public speaking elective this year, a class typical reserved for Juniors and Seniors. At the start of the year I had my reservations due to his age. However, Liam has thrived in this environment of older peers to become one of the best public speakers in the school. In addition, Liam is the Middle School Representative in this year’s Student Council. In the seven years I have been running the program, we have never had a middle school representative who has been so enthused, engaged and willing to volunteer in making a positive change at KMS.”

Full-Term World Languages teacher and Global Citizen Program Coordinator Malena Agin seconded Liam’s nomination. Malena reflects, “Liam is inquisitive in Spanish class. He is present when he is in class and he is present when he is away competing. He is a constant collaborator and is never afraid to question “the why” behind what we are learning. Thank you, Liam, for always showing up to class, even when I haven't been able to. Congratulations.”

KMS Academic Director April Hayden also submitted a nomination for Liam for his outstanding work at the recent virtual admissions event. April writes, “Liam was one of the students who attended the recent Zoom admissions event with a large number of prospective students and families. Even though he was the youngest KMS student on the call, Liam was professional, articulate, and represented KMS well. We are very proud to have him as part of our community!”

Head of School Claire Kershko seconded the impressive work Liam did at this admissions event. Claire comments, “Liam recently joined us on a virtual admissions event for prospective students. I was so impressed by Liam's poise and public speaking skill as he shared his take on the KMS experience. His candor and insight was remarkable and surely resonated with those on the call. Great leadership, Liam!”

Rounding out these amazing write-ups is innovative, math, science, and engineering teacher Richard Morse. Richard states, “Liam is a reserved deep thinker, who is very consistent and is always engaged in class. He thoroughly enjoys school and participates with every project.”

Please join us in congratulating Liam as this week’s Academic Standout! A student well-deserving of this recognition! We are proud of you, Liam!





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