March K-Flash

Winter Term has concluded and it is time to recharge over this spring break before we return, refreshed and ready to tackle the remainder of the school year. Check out some KMS highlights from this past month below:

KMS Maple Syrup

KMS Middle School students worked with faculty member Richard Morse to produce a few batches of homemade maple syrup. Students tapped trees around campus and boiled in our outdoor classrooms. They shared their finished product with the school community at our end of winter term bonfire. Maple syrup on vanilla ice cream is not as good as sugar snow, but it comes close! Check out some of the process:

Greek Mythology and the Super Bowl

The Freshman and Junior classes have been taking a hard look at rhetoric this quarter. In our attempt to better understand the art of persuasion and the difficult task of discerning truth, we have been looking at some of our favorite advertisements from the Super Bowl. Pairing these with two plays (Medea and Othello) students practiced and applied two different methods of analyzing rhetoric. From the Greeks: students used the age-old lenses of Ethos (credibility), Pathos (emotional appeal) and Logos (logic) to break apart media and text. Then applying our modern day lenses they divided these categories even deeper into Speaker, Occasion, Audience, Purpose, Style and Tone.

Academic Standout- Wyatt Hoffman