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Push to the Finish

It's that time of year again: final grades are in, the Class of 2022 is off on their next adventures beyond KMS, and as athletic training and competition continue here in Killington and on the road, we look towards our non-profit fiscal year-end.

We want to take a moment and thank you for your support and engagement this year in our #senditforKMS Annual Fund. Because of donors like you, our student-athletes continue to send it everyday; in the classroom, in the gym, on the hill and around the world.

As you know, Killington Mountain School offers a variety of mountain sports programs for athletes over a broad range of ages, skill sets and disciplines. We could not provide this world-class programming without the generous involvement and enthusiasm from supporters like you. From maintaining our training venues to purchasing equipment, your donations help bridge the gap between revenue and the cost of operating a year-round center of excellence.

We are so grateful for you, our community of senders,

who continue to #senditforKMS.

Every donation makes an impact, every single one.


Your donations have already... $50 Purchased an Alpine SPM Gate

$150 Purchased an Air Compressor

$200 Purchased Innovation Lab Supplies

$300 Painted the Tuning Room

$2,000 Updated a Double-Dorm Room's Furniture

$5,000 Renovated and Upgraded a Classroom

$25,000 Completed our Action Sports Airbag Replacement Project



Every gift positively impacts the KMS experience: Dining Hall Chair $25 Trampoline Board $100 20-Volt Drill $250 Spring Maps for Social Studies $350 Go-Pros for Gravity Sports $500 Ski Erg $1,000 I-Mac for Art Classes $2,000 Complete 4-Season Dirt Jump and Rail Garden $3,000 Install Keycard Access to Dorm Rooms $5,000


As we push to the finish,

please consider a donation to our

before June 30!

A huge thanks to the Class of 2022 who surpassed their goal of raising $2022 as their class gift.

Our youngest alumni are exemplars, as the first class with 100% participation in our Annual Fund.

They challenge all KMS Alumni to contribute!





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