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Will Barcelo Earns Academic Standout

Academic Standout Write-up

Student Name: Will Barcelo

House Team: Skye Peak

Date of Presentation: November 9th, 2022

Faculty Presenter: Allison Resnick

Please join the KMS teaching faculty in recognizing Will Barcelo as this week’s Academic Standout! Will is a Full-Term Freeski Athlete, who comes to KMS from Andover, Massachusetts. An intelligent as well as highly motivated young academic, Will is being recognized this week for his amazing work ethic, his drive for both academic success and personal growth, as well as his thoughtful contributions to his classes. The faculty who recognized him this week all agree that Will is a true asset to not only their specific classrooms, but also the KMS learning community in general. Due to this, we are excited to have him as part of the Full-Term program this year, and look forward to what the rest of the year has in store for this young man academically.

Putting forth the first nomination for Will this week is Student Life Coordinator, Golf Program Director, and Studio Art/Graphic Design/Photography teacher Eric Kuntz. Eric states, “Will Barcelo has been outstanding this week. He has been traveling, and had all his work done before he left. Will had two video interviews- one with a coach and the other with a teacher. His questions were entertaining, creative, fun, and interesting, allowing those who view them the opportunity to get to know each interviewee better. He is always on-time for class, and lets his teachers know when he will be traveling/missing class time. He is an absolute pleasure to have in class.”

Seconding Will’s nomination is Social Studies Department Co-Chair and Advisory Coordinator Courtney O’Keefe. Courtney reflects, “It is a pleasure to have Will as one of my Introduction to Psychology students this year! Naturally inquisitive, incredibly thoughtful, and highly motivated, Will is a true asset to my classroom. It was apparent from our very first class that Will is very interested in the material being covered, and it shows every class through his willingness to ask questions, to participate in class discussions, and to explore the many aspects of Psychology we are studying with a critical eye, an eagerness to learn, and a commitment to take what he is learning to better himself as both an academic and as a person. His work always showcases the time and effort he puts in, and always showcases not only his understanding of the material, but also his determination to dive deeper into the major Psychological themes and concepts being covered in class. As a person, Will is also a great personality to have within the classroom. He is always positive, ready to tackle what is being asked of him without complaint, and is always willing to help his peers with whatever they may need assistance on. Overall, I am happy to have him not only in my classroom this year, but also in our Full-Term program! Congrats, Will! Great work so far this year! Be proud!”

Rounding out these amazing nominations is Math Department Co-Chair Allison Resnick. Allison writes, “ Will has been extremely strong in both Honors Precalculus and Honors Physics this year. Not only is he naturally gifted in these areas, but he also seeks to understand the why; the why of what we are learning as well as the why things are happening in the world around him. With this past trip that Will just went on, he planned ahead of time to accomplish work before leaving. We had a test scheduled in each class for the first week he was gone, and he asked me if he could take them before leaving, and he crushed both them!”

Please join us in congratulating Will Barcelo this week! Nice work, Will! Be proud!





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