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Student of the Week - October 26, 2016

Congratulations to Gabe Robinson-Leith who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school community lunch. Gabe is a 12th grade student who comes to KMS from Killington, VT. He was nominated for this award by virtually every adult in the KMS community with whom he's had contact! His Applied Physics teacher Richard Morse shared, "Gabe has been great in Applied Physics class He is 100% focused in class and keeps the flow of class positive and productive. He helps all the other classmates with staying on task and with understanding concepts. He adds a lot of interesting thoughts, past experiences and additional materials to the group as well. Gabe does all his homework with quality and punctuality, and does all the bonus assignments." World Languages teacher Karl Haloj added, "Frankly, I would be willing to nominate Gabe 'Student of the Quarter.' This young man has approached his Spanish language study with a vigor (and a rigor) that can only be considered exemplary: he does well in class, providing leadership and support to his classmates; he requests and completes supplementary assignments on a regular basis; he schedules supplementary class sessions on a regular basis; he is friendly and courteous; (put any other positive statement one could make about a language student here)." History teacher Ian Groezinger commented, "I do not teach Gabe. However, when I needed an individual to moderate the Student Council Presidential Debate, Gabe was happy to do it. He did a terrific job in coming up with very personalized questions for each candidate, and managed the debate adeptly." Math/Science teacher Ted Schaft agreed with the praise for Gabe, sharing "I nominate Gabe as well. He is terrific in class, shows an eagerness and wonderment in his studies, is industrious, curious and goes beyond what I would expect of my best students over the last three decades." Language Department Chair Claudia Revenko-Bowen commented, "Gabe is a learner at heart. His passion is to gather information, analyze it and share his perspectives with others. He excels in his two Spanish classes. I am sure he would take more language courses if he had the time. In our Understanding Terrorism class discussions, Gabe continually presents views that that are analytical, unique, and of high value to the understanding of such a complex topic." Finally, when asked to write an article about a recent interdisciplinary field trip many of the students took, Gabe was more than willing to write an article which he did quickly, and which reflected much thought, insight, and was entertaining as well. Overall, Gabe brings something special to the KMS community, something clearly worthy of recognition. Nice work, Gabe!




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