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Black Bear Award - March 29, 2017

Congratulations to Liad Barash who was given the Black Bear Award at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Liad is a 7th grade Alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Ashland, MA. He was nominated for this award by Executive Chef, Rhonda Benoit. Rhonda felt it was important to recognize Liad for his tremendous and sustained help in the kitchen this year. She spoke at the meeting about Liad's willingness to lend a hand, even when not asked, to do anything that needs to be done in the kitchen. He helps cook, prep, plan meals, do dishes, clean the dining room...the list goes on. Rhonda explained that Liad made a difference in the day and in how smoothly things ran at meal times and in between meal times as well. It's one thing to help when asked to help, but it's yet another to recognize what needs to be done and stepping up, without even being asked. Congratulations, Liad! You are a true KMS Black Bear!




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