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Bag Jump Update: 7/6/17

Things finally dried out enough for work to begin on the bag jump site, and immediately the contractor's hit pretty significant ledge. Once Gar returned from a camp in Mt. Hood, the team was able to meet with the excavator, Roaring Brook Constructors and the folks from Killington Resort and came up with a good plan to move forward.

We will begin today with erosion control measures and diverting the water above the jump site in accordance with the plan developed with Killington and the contractors. Once that is in place and then with the weekend to dry out a bit, we will begin to excavate to finish grade, starting from the top to determine location and depth of ledge.

It was unfortunate to find significant ledge, but it was certainly not entirely unexpected. Once all the ledge is exposed, the surveyor will map the ledge so that a blasting plan can be developed. Onwards and upwards; well, we have a ways to go down before we build up…..




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