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Student of the Week - Anja Kroon

Congratulations to Anja Kroon who was named Student of the Week at Wednesday's all-school meeting. Anja is an 11th grade Alpine athlete who comes to KMS from Green Brook, NJ. She was nominated for this award by science Department Chair Terri Isidro who shared her thoughts on Anja's work ethic, "Despite a busy training schedule and a recent bout with illness, Anja Kroon powers on to ponder the complexities of genetics in her Honors Biology class. She cheerfully tromped through the snow and ice on Monday to the compost buckets only to find that the compost needed for her lab was frozen solid. But she did not quit, and sought an alternative independent variable in the kitchen (coffee and then lemon juice). She also makes the most beautiful notes I have ever seen complete with diagrams and full color."

Terri continued, "In addition to being a great student who always challenges herself, Anja is always willing to help others and her involvement in KMS student government is a reflection of her desire to do all she can to make KMS a great place to learn."

Math Department Chair Steve Tuckerman agreed, "I second the nomination for Anja; she continues to do well and work hard in AP Calculus." English teacher Shayna Miller echoed those sentiments, "Anja has been a pleasure to teach on many levels. Not only is she a mature and diligent student, serving as a model for all athlete-scholars, but she is also a thoroughly enjoyable person. Despite her heavy academic load and intense training regimen, Anja consistently brings humor, friendliness and consideration for others to our small classroom." Teachers Ian Groezinger and Alex Crivici agreed, "We also recommend Anja. Though we do not teach her, she has taken an active role in Student Council this year by taking charge in both planning the prom and organizing the yearbook, as well as adding valuable insight to a number of other issues and projects."

Social Studies Department Chair Courtney O'Keefe shared her thoughts, "I would also like support Anja for Student of the Week. Although I do not teach Anja, I see her constantly working hard to better the school community on a daily basis. She has really stepped forward to coordinate many of the ongoing projects Student Council has taken on this year. I have seen her numerous times in the conference room and in the hallway talking with fellow Student Council members and other KMS students about activities such as yearbook and prom. During these conversations she is always highly motivated to do a great job and give her fellow students an awesome experience." "In addition," Courtney continued, "Anja has also been instrumental in helping some of her peers with their SAT prep. I got the opportunity to watch her do this with another student earlier this year as they used my room as a study space. She was highly engaged in helping out her friend, listening to all her questions and patiently explaining how to go about answering a math problem or how to approach a question in the English section. She also helped her friend in planning how to pace her studying for the SAT throughout the week by looking at her friend's schedule and making plans to meet up during any coordinating free blocks to discuss the test more. Overall, it was great seeing Anja help out her friend as well as her community."

Way to go, Anja!




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