• Amy Allen

Black Bear Award - U16 Men's Alpine Team

Congratulations to the U16 Men's Alpine team, who was given the Black Bear Award at Wednesday's all-school meeting. The Black Bear Award is an award given to someone in the KMS community who steps up and acts with integrity, compassion, generosity, and kindness in a way that is reflective of the school's ethos. Actions that are taken performed in search of recognition, but instead simply to help others, are often recognized via this award.

This year's first Black Bear Award is the result of a nomination by Freestyle Program Director Kris Pepe. Kris and his team were faced with the daunting and arduous task of breaking down and storing the KMS four season airbag located at the base of Killington's Superstar trail, in preparation for the World Cup event that will be held at the Resort on November 24-25. Pepe shared, "I would like to nominate the U16 Men's Alpine Team for the Black Bear Award. The entire group came out on Friday to help us roll up the air bag. We had 40 people in total helping with the roll up. We made quick work of the job as a result, and their help was greatly appreciated."