The KMS Team

Claire Kershko

Head of School

802.422.5671, ext. 211

BA Bates, MBA Clarkson University

April Hayden

Director of Academics

802.422.5671, ext. 212

BA Bates College and MEd Castleton State College

Greg Hadley

Director of Admissions, BOOST Alpine Program Director

802.422.5671, ext. 266

Meghan Girardi

Director of Student Life

802.422.5671, ext. 259

BS Clarkson University and ME University of Missouri Science and Technology

Chris Bianchi

Director of Technology & Business Manager

802.422.5671, ext. 251

BS & MS University of Vermont College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Chuck Hughes

KSC/KMS Competitions Program Director, KMS Events Manager


BS Lyndon State College

Patrick Boandl

Executive Chef

Paddy Martin

Building and Grounds Director

802.422.5671, ext. 224

Emily Hudson


802.422.5671, ext. 221

BA Castleton University

Alexis Voutas

KSC/KMS Development Programs and KMS Events Coordinator


BA University of Vermont

Tyler Smith

KMS Venue Manager

802.422.5671, ext. 268

Malena Agin

World Languages Teacher

802.422.5671, ext. 226

BA Long Island University Southampton College
MA University of New Hampshire

Adam Boshart

Math/Science Teacher

802.422.5671, ext. 256

BS Castleton State College

Brendan Bucksbaum

Math/Science Teacher, Science Dept Chair

802.422.5671, ext. 237

BA Hamilton College

Robert Cavanna

World Languages Department Co-Chair, Italian/Latin/Spanish/Social Studies

802.422.5671, ext. 226

BA & MA Queens College (CUNY) and MA University of Rome “La Sapienza”

Nathan Clifford

English Teacher

​802.422.5671, ext. 238

Ian Groezinger

Social Studies Department Co-Chair, Middle School Humanities Teacher, Student Council Lead Advisor, National Honors Society Lead Advisor

802.422.5671, ext. 254

BS University of Vermont College of Education and Social Services

Eric Kuntz

Art / Photography / Graphic Design / Videography and Student Life Coordinator

802.422.5671, ext. 222

BA Keene State College

Marcos Levy


802.422.5671, ext. 242

BS Stony Brook University

Shayna Miller

English Department Chair

802.422.5671, ext. 247

BA Purchase College (SUNY) and MEd St. Thomas Aquinas College

Richard Morse

Science, Math and Engineering Teacher

802.422.5671, ext. 255

BS University of Vermont

Courtney O'Keefe

Social Studies Department Co-Chair

802.422.5671, ext. 240

BA Castleton State College

W. Bradford Ramsay

Math, Science and Cycling Program Director

802.422.5671, ext. 248

BA University of Vermont School of Business, BS University of Massachusetts Amherst College of Engineering, and MS Massachusetts Institute of Technology School of Engineering

Allison Resnick

Math and Science

802.422.5671, ext. 231

BS University of Rochester HAJIM School of Engineering & Applied Sciences

Claudia Revenko-Bowen

World Languages Department Co-Chair, Spanish Language and Latin American Culture/Social Studies

802.422.5671, ext. 234

BA College of St. Joseph and MALS Globalization Dartmouth College

Kate Stone

Student Support

802.422.5671, ext. 236

BA University of Connecticut
MAEdu University of Connecticut NEAG School of Education

Donna Brewster

Winter Term Teacher

802.422.5671, ext. 243

MS Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Environmental Engineering
BS SUNY Oneonta Secondary Education

Susan Cushing

Winter Term Teacher


BS University of Rochester

Donna Reck

Middle School Teacher

802.422.5671, ext. 241

BS & MS McDaniel College

Liz Cardiasmenos

Winter Term Teacher


Jess Sardelli

Winter Term Teacher


Craig Bennett

Alpine U14 Head Coach

802.422.5671, ext. 258

BS Mechanical Engineering Clarkson University

Brendan "Drex" Drexler

U14 Alpine coach


Peter Girardi

U19 Coach & Residential Life Coordinator

802.422.5671, ext. 265

BS Montana State University in Industrial Engineering

Micaela Holland

Men's Head Coach and U19 Coach

802.422.5671, ext. 260

BA Bates College, MBA Clarkson University

Jacob Johnston

Head Women's Alpine Coach

802.422.5671, ext. 261

Chelsea Marshall

Women's Alpine Coach

802.422.5671, ext. 233

Kip Spangler

High Performance Director and U16 Alpine Coach

802.422.5671, ext. 285

BA St. Lawrence University

Pavel Stastny

PG/U19/21 Alpine Coach

802.422.5671, ext. 267

PhD. Sport Training from Komensky University Bratislava

Kyle Tracy

U16 Woman's Alpine Coach

802.422.5671, ext. 275

BS Franklin Pierce College

Kris Pepe

Freestyle Mogul Program Director/Head Coach

802.422.5671, ext. 271

Nori Pepe

Freestyle Development Director and Events Coordinator

802.422.5671, ext. 284

BA Union College

Pete DuBois

Freeski Program Director

802.422.5671, ext. 253

BS Thomas Jefferson University

Glenn Eddy

Freestyle Coach

802.422.5671, ext. 290

Dartmouth College A.B.
Boston University School of Law J.D.

Devon Gulick

Snowboard Head Coach

802.422.5671, ext. 283

Jason DiDomenico

Downhill MTB Coach

802.422.5671, ext. 281

Green Mountain College

Brad Ramsay

Endurance Cycling Coach

802.422.5671, ext. 248

BA University of Vermont School of Business, BS University of Massachusetts Amherst College of Engineering, and MS Massachusetts Institute of Technology School of Engineering


 Since 1974, KMS has provided student-athletes the opportunity to pursue excellence on the ski slope and in the classroom. KMS alumni have proved themselves as athletes and as scholars, as leaders in business and in the community. The personal attention and passion for excellence at KMS guides each student-athlete towards his or her potential, helping each alum reach his or her goals. 


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