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Bag Jump Update

Dear Bag Jump Supporters,

Firstly, please let me thank you all for your support and tireless work and time that you have already committed to this project. The amazing news is that with the huge push that you have all made, with special thanks to Pete and Fred DaMore, we are very close to having the facility fully funded. Thank you!!!!

My intention is to post updates throughout the late spring and summer in a blog format as we begin to close in and get the work done. You can check in as you like to check on progress and see pictures as the project takes shape.

Yesterday, I had a very productive meeting with Jeff Findeisen of Roaring Brook Construction, and I can report that we are on track for a mid-June ground break, weather permitting.

Jeff is waiting on the last quote back from 3m glass for the railings, and he has everything else back; the numbers are very similar to last year, which is great. He should have a final quote to me today and I will circulate.

We are currently under verbal contract with Roaring Brook, and once the final quotes come back Jeff will send us an official contract. Jeff will then provide us with a Build Schedule, Payment Schedule and and Haul Plan. We will then meet with the mountain and make sure that none of our schedules conflict with their event calendars; we can't be bringing concrete trucks on the mountain during Spartan etc.

Within the next couple of weeks we will be completing a final survey of the site and for the exact excavation plan, and Mosher Excavating will be testing the moisture level and stability of the ground to see when he can move machinery in on the mountain. It seems that mid-June is still the consensus of a “breaking ground” date, and I will keep you posted as this becomes a reality.




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